How much stuff...


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Mar 12, 2004
...can ya fit in your suitcase?


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.."Have you anything to declare, Sir?"....

"Yes! I've spent a raving fortune on boaty bits".....:drain:
I ended up with too much stuff
no matter what it cost me I couldn't get enough
I went to the Doctor and the Doc aint cheap
Got stuff to make me happy, got stuff to make me sleep!

who's that by then

Nice bits by the way!
big problem........

there ain't nothing in there for the missus ;p;

better make some extra space and get "her" something nice.....

well at least it matches her eyes

Any reason why you brought standard manifolds and elbows?

I would have thought a nice set of 2005 Gil/Hardin manifolds would have been in that suitcase.
Yeh. They're not standard, they're aluminium jobbies which as you know saves about 90lbs per engine. They're claimed to flow better than stock, but I seriously doubt it'll be noticeable, the bottleneck on our 7.4's isn't the exhaust. If I wanted to spend an extra 900 bucks plus (ie roughly how much extra the cheapest ali performance exhaust+necessary brackets from revolution marine costs), I think I would spend it elsewhere.
Nice weight saving.

Anything wrong with your manifolds?
I have 1 set of risers & manifolds from sierra that are one season old, and since I flush the motors every time,and dry berth, they are in excellent nick. I also have 2 pairs of what I'm told are the merc cast stainless risers, but need to check.
The other pair of manifolds are a bit older and whilst not leaking, they are the reason for the shiny new ones.
It'll all be for sale at some point soon but I haven't thought about the price yet.