How to encourage new racers

250 quid! they're on drugs! One can only presume that they don't really want a basic race. mebbe it's not prestigeous enough for them.
Johnson said:
250 quid! they're on drugs! One can only presume that they don't really want a basic race. mebbe it's not prestigeous enough for them.

I'm sure they don't want the plebs racing but they surely need the entry fee income now that Honda has pulled out.

Interesting letter in Motor Boat & Yachting a while back from a potential racer that had done safety for a number of years at Cowes and said that he was interested in 'taking the plunge' as it were and do the Cowes basic in 03. He was surprised to learn that there was to be no basic in 03.

According to the reply he received from the event director, there were plenty of other venues for basic racing and those who only came out to race once per year were doing nothing to support powerboat racing.

Wonder how the Earl of Normanton (either chairman or president of BPRC) and once a year racer in 'Premier Crew' felt about that statement?
Ah yes, Shaun, he's actually a very nice chap.

I think 'Plebs' probably says it all about the BPRC's feelings on Basic racing.

What class is 'Mr Noisy' running in?
Noisy will be in the 'non supporters' class.

Also, meant no dig at Shaun, he's been a real advocate of the sport for years.
ah the letter in the mby was me,in 03 the event directors(john walker) reason was that there wasnt enough room to have a basic race.glad to see that after that year he is no longer the organiser. and the entry fee for the basic is 150 for some reason it says 250 on the web site
150's not too bad I spose, but add to that the day licence, fuel, etc, it's still a pretty dear race to enter just for the crack.

I reckon 50 quid as a token cost would be good, and the day licence should also be a token cost, the event is already happening anyway, and 'basic' is only supposed to be a nice n easy entry level after all.
but why is it even 150 when all the others are 65? its going to be an expensive weekend 150 for entry 180 for ferry 110 for fuel 180 for hotel 65 for day license 55 for passenger permit,so we are at 740 quid and i havent even puy any lager down my throat yet,now that should answer peoples questions on why the sport is in decline!
Isn't that what I said above :confused:

'Entry level' really does need to be just that! when we were racing, mid 90's, we reckoned on about 5-6 hundred quid a race, all in, but that wasn't 'basic', it was a national championship class, so basic really should cost the bare minimum. It's all f*cked up as far as I can see.
is that what you said? mebbe, i just went into some detail with regard to actual costs,thats all
It seems nearly all racing is a question of 'how much can we charge' rather than what would be fair or what would be good for the sport. Not just entry fee's - but licences, measurement certs. etc..

Thet entry fee's for National races are set by the ORC and thus are the same for the whole series. I know from experience with ORDA though how difficult it is to make ends meet on the entry fee's alone for an event unless you have an event sponsor.

There are still many expenses that are out of control of the club including calendar fee's (to the RYA) and the number of officials expenses.

But even with all this I think something more could be done to encourage new competitiors. Maybe 1/2 price entry fee's for first year of racing - and then hopefully people will be hooked into racing?
Adam said:
and the number of officials expenses.

Interesting point! one thing that I know gets up the noses of people 'in the know' is the way some officials engineer expenses for themselves! such as having the cost of towing AND fuelling your boat, sometimes all the way up north, to be a start boat or similar! when there must be enthusiastic people locally who could help. On the other side of the same coin, safety boaters are expected to supply boat, fuel, and now berthing costs all out of their own pockets (Cowes)
Now I think the volunteers don't mind too much forking out for a bit of fuel here n there, or even the berthing, I know I don't, but it does grate just a bit if some officials are getting money for travel (of the boat) fuel, free berthing etc. whilst others are expected to cough up themselves! This is not setting the right example, and just generates bad feelings and resentment.

I totally agree with you on this one.
Im sure Honda would still be sponsoring the event and racing at it had they not been treated so shite by the organising comittee last year.

I say free licence to all new comers in 1.3 for first year to get some interest back in the sport.

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