Hunton for sale ??

Admiral P. Brain

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Mar 15, 2004
Does anybody know any info on this Hunton ??

Its a 34 maverick 1992, think thats the same model as Mikey's?

its lying at Inwards brokerage, has twin 454 mags and has been used for racing last few years!!

Wondered if this would make a good project boat for refitting twin diesels, if it could be bought at the right price??


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Red Mist II

Ahh, you only like it 'cos of the colour scheme! :D
Yep !!! could see a redmist sticker on the back of this!!!


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Do you race your boat, Admiral? If so, when & where are you next racing?
The next race is at the Offshore Fantasy Event !!
Just a little name we established to keep the RedMist chicks involved!!

Although when the warranty drops off and we crank up the booster... we would love to

Matt, How much do you think for the 454 mags with drives??
Admiral P. Brain said:
The next race is at the Offshore Fantasy Event !!

That's our kinda racing! Can we join in? - in a different class of course! :D

P.S. Apologies for messing up a serious thread. I'll shut up now. :bang:
That Hunton is a bit tatty (generous remark) It does, or at least did belong to Richard Bendy.

Bin around forever!
thks Jon knew you would be on the thread ...
Tatty? as in upholstery?
what about racing abuse? hull damage? do you know how this boat has been treated?
It's tired generally, I think the only racing it did was Cowes Torquay last year and the year before.

it's up for 24K isn't it? you don't get a lot for 24k in a boat that big
you don't get a lot for 24k in a boat that big

?? its a lot of boat for 24k ?? or not much boat for 24k ???
Wot I mean is, you can't expect too much for 24k in that size, type and year of boat

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