I am new here...

Yamaha 225

Sep 8, 2004
Cruising area
east and south of Norway
Boat make
Gilbert 21
Yamaha 225
Hey, great site guys! I love these boards on the net!

I am 22 years old and am a big boating enthusiast. I have a Gilbert 21 ft V-bottom with a modifyed Yamaha 225 that rus 86 mph. I work toghether with the Fountain dealer for Northern Europe in addition to my marketing studies.

Hope we can have a great time here....

Best regards Erik A. eriksen from Norway
Welcome to Boatmad Erik.
Glad you're here Erik.

How are the Fountain sales going?
Thank YOU!

The Fountain sales here are on its way upwards but there is not so many who buys american boats becuse they are different on image and everything. But the good news is that the market changes towards amric performance boats. At least it looks like it does. There have been sold 6 Nor-Tec boats over the past 2 years and that hasdone something with the market. Today it is 10 Fountains in Norway and all customers are satisfyed. This summer is a 35 Executioner with twin 496 HO Mags our demo boat. It runs a steady 78 mph on Livorsi GPS dail speedo and I think that is good with the smallest engines available. I wish it was 575 SCIs though... But the thrill of running 21" V in high speed with one outboard is always the best!!

What water are you running on? Where How is it those places??

Here is a pic of my boat...:banana:


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Hi Yam 225.........I've been a bit slow to welcome you here. Your boat looks very nice......I'd love to see some more pictures!!!

Let us all know about it....I've never heard of a Gilbert 21 ft V-bottom

all the best

As you wish!

Gilbert was a common sportsboat here in Norway, but many have been damaged by various reasons. I have modifyed the bottom from V without strakes and now it has strakes all the way to the transom and has a big pad/ski with is flat.

Link to this time consuming project:
http://forums.screamandfly.com/foru...perpage=15&highlight=pad on deep&pagenumber=1

The boat is set up for all different use toghether, Waterskiing, cruising, racing and idle.


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one more pic


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he will probably be, but I was here first.... Cool isn't it? he is often the first to find sites like this. Must be his nose.


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And this is how it looks when it is not in the water.. :hugegrin:


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Yes it has some strengths too... I had to go down to Gothenburg to custom build a tow bar. It is not legal to after mount it here, but the car handles it suprisingly well, and I drive carefully. It is quite fun when after laying behind some old laidies going 40-50 mph, and the road divides to two lanes, suddenly 90 mph. have been seen on the speedo. (and that tend to be in uphills every time!) I guess it is more impressing in uphills... And rear wheel drive is the only thing that works when taking it up from the water.

What cars do you drive?
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I am very old before my time..........somewhat of a grandad!!!

- Audi 2.8 Quattro estate 5spd manual
- Jeep Cherokee Sport (although i'm not allowed to talk about HIM, because i was supposed to have sold it 18 months ago!!!)
Hi 225

what sort of tow vehicle ????

well mine dosen't have quite the same effect as the "maserati"


after seeing 225's i think i had better fit a towbar on the wife's MV6 if i want any sort of "Street Cred" :drool:

Ha ha street cred is king... No you would not imagine how much hassle it is with that car. No one can service it in either Norway sweden or Dänemark. The workshops have all gone bankrupt. I buy used parts from a guy in Leichester and am my own mecanic but THAT IS NOT EASY. :hot: :hot: :hot:

Be lucky that your cars are able to be used every day and work. I must sell that car now. havn't enough money to service it.

As I use to say: Cars are things you use to go seeing your boat on the marina. No fun at all compared to boats! :worthy:

Here is a link to a very cool car for us boaters:


Was out today cruising in the Oslofjord in the warm autumn weather. Work should be illegal on such days!
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Sorry guys, forgot to mention that you must see under GHIBLI II in the left menu. There you click Ghibli Primatist.:up:
For those that can't find it the link is below : ;p;
Ghibili Primatist

( but "Honestly i have to drive a "Tranny" and she gets the the "MV6" for school runs !!!! )
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