iCom IC-M421 VHF for sale


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May 5, 2004
Hook, Hampshire
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Dragon 39
Icom M421 VHF for sale
Still boxed and never been used.
Complete with manual and fixing brackets

£220 new, yours for £125 inc. VAT

Comes with 157B remote microphone which allows you to fit the VHF in your cockpit but also have a remote handset in the cabin.

Sales info below:

Compact in size and easy to use, this new transceiver is ideal for pleasure craft, small commercial fishing boats or any user that require Class D DSC equipped radio for April's EU rule changes.

The IC-M421, including the microphone, has waterproof protection to 1m depth for 30 minutes. It has switchable 1w and 25w power.

The IC-M421 has a built-in Ch 70 (DSC channel) receiver, which monitors activity, even while you are receiving another channel. When in an emergency situation, an automated distress call can be sent with a touch of a button.

The DSC uses a unique ID (MMSI code) similar to a telephone number. So you can make a contact with intended ID station or group directly or all ships in the area. When connected to an external GPS receiver, the position request and position report functions allow you to exchange ships position information. The polling (request/reply) function checks whether a specific ship is in communication range. A total of 100 address IDs can be programmed with 10-character address name and up to 40 received DSC messages (20 distress and 20 other calls) can be stored.

Full dot-matrix display with up to 168-character capability that allows you to see a host of information such as channel number, channel name, position and DSC data etc. With the backlit display, the large buttons and knobs, the IC-M421 is easy to operate.

The IC-M421 has a large speaker grille, which gives excellent audio quality from the front-mounted speaker. This results in clear reception, even over wind or engine noise.

Size: 164(W) x 78(H) x 139.5(D) mm.

Contents: vhf unit, mike, mounting bracket & knobs & screws, mike hanging bracket & screws, 2 metre 12V fused power lead, rca connector cable, instruction guide.
Hi am interested in purchasing the iCom radio is it still for sale please.