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Mar 13, 2004
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Rejoice In Gingerness
London Zoo offered two-for-one entry for it's visitors yesterday, but only to red heads.

The so-called Ginger Sunday was organised to celebrate the birth of the zoo's endangered ginger Francois Langur monkey.

In order to "rejoice in gingerness" any redheaded zoo visitor could take "a brunette, blonde, black, ginger or bald headed friend" into the zoo for free.

According to the Zoo's website "a recent survey of London Zoo visitors showed that 9 out of 10 redheads were teased at school about their hair colour. With continuing jokes about ginger nuts and hot headedness, London Zoo has decided enough is enough and it's time to give something back to red heads with our special offer."


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looks like JF wondering what to do after discovering his exhausts were too short
I wish they were too fkkn short, I could just extend them :angry:

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