info on phantom 21 tandem anyone?


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Jan 6, 2005
West Sussex
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S.B Racing
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Ocke mannerfelt canopied B23 / Zapcat
Merc 200XS Gen 2 / Tohatsu 50
Ive just bought the phantom 21 tandem out of boats and outboards! does anyone know anything about these boats?
someone may even know the boat? its been resprayed white but used to be blue by the looks of things and was a local race boat to the st.ives /pevency of cornwall?
Is that a blue hull & deck or just one, whats the No on the transom? Johnny could help you there if you have it

The only all blue with tandom seating I can think off was Tele-Man (Phil Jones) & Mirage (Ian Roswell) sure there maybe one or two I forgot
looks like the hull and deck was blue ! It was slightly darker than sky blue by the look of it! I'll have a look wot the number is in abit!
does anyone know where the numbers are on the transom of a phantom?
I really want a 2.5 but ive heard there abit unreliable so would settle for an xr2! cant find one anywhere though!
Rite took some of the paint off today! It had blue deck and sides and a white hull! And unless the visor was painted on after that was blue too! anyone remember it???
Possible ????
Was called "Poco Homes" at one point in it's lif. But thats only any guess much better Phanom experts here will chip in soon I'm sure
None of the above two if it had white hull

any Number on it?
No cant find anything to identifie it anywhere! the transom numbers not anywhere to be found either! was poco homes any good then? got any pics?
The HIN/ID number is often repeated under the deck, either 'within' the deck laminate itself, or felt tipped onto one of the timber longitudinal deck stiffeners before over-laminating, thus it's trapped under, but visible through, a layer of matting.
Cheers Johnny!
I'll have a look for that 2moz!