Info on Seadoo jetboats req'd


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Mar 13, 2004
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Twin Yanmar BY 260's
If anyone has experience of these things - especially when it comes to things to look out for when buying one - it would be gratefully recieved - the sort of things I'm looking for are is there a weak part that always fails? Are the trailers any good? Do they leak like a sieve?

I need one for about a month although renting one is out because I can't promise to return in the same state that I borrowed it! So if anyone knows of anything (see wanted ad) information leading to capture would be gratefully recieved,

Thanks everyone!
Thanks Mike - I'll look into it!
Ron at offshore performance has a twin 110 16' speedster for £9k that looked very clean. Bits to check are the exhaust manifolds for cracks/ damage, the overall covers are always knackered, carbs need re-building after a certain amount of time (cant remember how long), you MUST have the DESS lanyard (it's coded to the ECU), check all throttle/ gear linkage/ weedless grate cables for correct operation, adjustment handle for swivelling the front seats is weak.

Hope this helps.
theres one for sale on ebay at 8k
correction theres 2 on ebay

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