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Mar 13, 2004
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I've been asked by a few people about intercoms, as grayytronics is around £520.00 incl vat

Any one know what's available, other than Peltor.

Try having a look at starcom
would need to make a waterproof box
but you can plugin everything
PMR/VHF/mobile and even your MP3
sound quality is very good
sparco do 2 the profi at £72.20 and the rally at £43.90,sold by demon tweeks.

ive got the greytronics, didn't know they were so expensive.

Peltor are ok if you change the Jack plugs to the same as the Grey tronics ones.
avaible from farnell electronics
Have a look at the STILO, I think it is made in Italy,
Stilo is the make of crash hat that David and myself are agents for, the helmet comes woth a built in intercom, but I'm waiting for confirmed prices!
Here's a piccy:

WRC Offshore
Made in Kevlar, carbon fibre and Dyneema, it comes
complete with built-in fittings for communication system.
To be used with Stilo Offshore VHf intercom.
Sizes: S-56, M-58, L-60, XL-62.
Colour orange.
SP2 Offshore
Made of Kevlar, carbon fibre and Dyneema. Complete with built-in fittings for communications systems.
Smoked visor optional.
Wired to take a Stilo Offshore VHF intercom.
Sizes: S-56, M-58, L-60, XL 62.
Colour: orange.
Offshore VHF
Intercom unit especially for racing yacht applications. It enables to connect two helmets both connected with on-boards Vhf radio for two ways communication directly from the helmets.
Available to suit with 4 helmets on request.
Complete of PTT button for dashboard application.
Individual volumes. Ready for power supply from yacht batteries.
Wired to take WRC OFFSHORE and INTEGRAL OFFSHORE helmets


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This is the SP model, it's pretty slick as it's a sort of open/full face hybrid!


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Red Crash hats


is there a secret Competitive outing planned , I wonder?
how much for complete unit full face. looks good
The full face retails for £347 + vat, the only problem is the language barrier, so we're unsure if that includes the intercom.

I should have some more details by Thursday pm!

I wouldn't be suprised if some sort of boatmad discount would be available!
BluFin said:

Red Crash hats


is there a secret Competitive outing planned , I wonder?

Possibly, maybe the odd basic race!
i think you will find the intercom is not included, the basic stilo intercom is £469.75 and add ons come to another £400. ouch!
We tried Peltor on Richard Struttons 4 litre cat, the whole system was hopelessly inferior to the Greytronics setup, which, IMHO is superb, and well worth the money.
intercom ...

Autocom are reconned to be the dog's danglies by the motorcycle fraternity - not sure if they'd transfer easily into the marine world ....
The only problem with graytronics is that they will not supply offshore intercoms any more. Spoke to Bob Gray on thursday and he said its not worth the hassel anymore!!!
currently have a intercom being design being tweeked by some boffins. unfortunately won't be in production for about 2 months. a few of the ocr guys saw the prototype at windemere last year. will be waterproof to ip54 and around £250 with options for vhf. will have all the usual adjusments. looking into making it wireless however price TBC.