It's a funny old game

Tony Davis

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Mar 13, 2004
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Weird ain't it.

The first Honda race of the season is sponsored by a Condor Ferries, yet my wife get's on a flight to Guernsey from Southampton and ends up sitting next to Steve Curtis's sister and child, and further down the plane is Steve, Shelley and Peter B, together with several other Honda racing bods.

Maybe the sponsorship doesn't stretch to a few free ferry tickets!!

Also, my wife don't like kids, but she reckons Lar's kiddie was the cutest one she had ever seen!!! In her words, " really cute, good looking and real switched on", I suppose there's a black sheep in every family!:hugegrin:

And how about this, me ball & chain is staying at a farm to judge a horsey event, and the next door neighbour is Dick Ridout!!

Spookie or what!

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