Mar 24, 2004
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Has anyone heard Shelley Jory has Turned over again! ............
From V24 to Honda 225, it didn't hurt with wings, but no chance of blowing her doors off in the new one.

Rumour has it The RYA's newest powerboat employee is navigating or does she work for Solent Honda, Three C's, Formula Four Stroke, UKOBA or whatever their called this week!

DIESEL you old smoker, you know everything you must be pretty high up on the power boat racing food chain,well when i say high up i dont mean as high as me because there is no higher than me and i know the real truth about the jory rollover,so put that in your old burner you fekin smokey git:duell:
That's great to know but are you going to share the info with everyone or just start a pi$$ing contest?
i thought the 225s were supposed to be driven that way up, seems they usually end up arse up!!
I heard that Miss Jory has had a gut full of Men and turned to a female for comfort and support in her boat? We should all wish her and her partner Debra France good luck in this weekends race!:jaw:

OH! as Miss Jory has had the guided hand of World Champion Steve Curtis who has personally experienced the thrills and spills of a 225 i'm sure they'll be ready for a competative race! :three: :hugegrin:
I hear that it's up for £36,000 all inclusive - Best give Miss Jory a ring if you want it!...... the boat I mean!

I also heard that a V24 is a safe raceboat, quoted from the RYA and it's the Driver's who are at fault with the few that have turned over!

So all I can say is get down to Mr Neil Holmes, who now gives Powerboat racing tuition, authorised by the RYA - He's very good, calm and could actually teach most Powerboat racers a few extra tips with their driving skills.
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oh its a brand new one then for that price
Ear 2the ground said:
but alas British racers all think they know everything and actually all could do with a leason

I don't doubt Neil's competance for one moment, and as someone who has only just started racing (powerboats) in the last 8 years, I am sure he could probably teach me a thing or two (about racing boats!).

I am suprised you think that all British racers know it all - we have a good record abroad in class 3 2litre with the championship being retained by Roy Smith in Norway this year, with all of the British teams showing potential at some point.

I think anyone who has been involved with racing boats will agree that setting the boat up correctly including prop selection will play a very large part in racing succesfully and "just" being a good driver will not win you any championships.

Good luck to Neil in his new? venture - I can think of a couple of people who could benefit greatly from his advice! :bolt:
Those who can DO, those who can't TEACH or become POLICEMEN!!:laugh:
I'm fairly sure 7 world championships counts as doing - but I've been wrong before!
Team Name Change

Originally "Step Forward" - Couldn't win driving that! Then "Winging It" - Couldn't win driving that! Now the all new second hand Honda 225 formerly known as 'Climax' then 'Anti-Climax' then 'Raymarine', now renamed as "WEARING IT!" How long will that team last?:well:
phantomc92 said:
oh its a brand new one then for that price

New boat from V-24 Powerboats cost £36,000 + VAT, + Trailer, + GPS, Air system, Buoyancy bags, extra wide seat, Compass, Lifting Slings, Intercomm, Helmets (cause the helmet that used to navigate is not included):laugh: VHF, Quick release wheel, Screen wash, Custom trailer board, in fact too many extras to list.

Therefore NEW PRICE for a V-24 = not far off £50K all said and done, however still no more money than a silly outboard 225!

This boat must be a bargain at that price, and remember it is one of the original Pascoe boats!:hatchet:
it may be original but they still crack like everything else,and i for one wouldnt fancy buying one that has been under,thats all
I Guess thats why your trying to sell your Phantom after all the transom cracking and structural problems, also thats been under before you bought it!:drain:

I believe the V-24 was professionally rebuilt and re rigged by the OEM and went on to win in Windermere!:up:

PS. Take off your Rub-Rail and have alook at the join - I bet ya boat looks super without it?:bang:
as i said all boats crack. lets see what the v24 looks like after 18yrs ,should be interesting,even an original one!!! as im aware mine has not been under,but if it has been,nothing on it is more than a few years old,so doesnt really matter,and whose got your back up,you seem very angry to anyone that doesnt like v24s for some reason,take a happy pile and chill out:confused:
what do the buoyancy bags do in a v24, surely the front closed hull and sealed cockpit has plenty of natural buoyancy already?

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