It's Mrs Nobber!!!!

Thanks Missus.

[SIZE=-4]By the way, I don't really like rum that much but I have to say I do - a pirate queen's got to protect her reputation!

P.S. Don't tell anyone my secret, will you?[/SIZE] ;)
Hey, less of the banjos, if you don't mind. You don't know where they've been - or rather, you DO know :eek:

And, yes, I have turned over a new leaf - a shamrock, actually ;p; .
Fixed now!
I see 'Torking Bollix' has already leapt out in front as top forum with 145 posts :D .

It seems you, Missus, have NOT turned over a new leaf :rolleyes:
jackeen's Missus said:
Love the new boat...

Same boat, but I know you have a penchant for 'action' shots:wotzhapni .
Hmm. Could be tricky - Mr N gives me a list of tasks to complete each day. I wish he'd go back to work so I can have a quiet life again!

P.S. Thanks for giving me my own thread! I feel honoured. :worthy:
Mrs Nobber said:
P.S. Thanks for giving me my own thread! I feel honoured. :worthy:

Status Quo restored.

BTW that boat makes you a WAFI. This is getting to be a very inclusive forum...wot with JK's new narrowboat..(I think he's had Laurence LLewotever over to remove all internal non load-bearing partitions so he can have a bit of a lie down...)


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Oh no. Let me guess...

- BBQ shark?

- shamrock salad?

- cider-braised leeks?

OK, I'm sitting down. Hit me with it!

Haha...we must liaise soon (helluva few days' work ahead then I'm clear) some good ideas there!!!

No I thought we could keep a laptop ON for far away peeps to join in 'virtually'...then we could say hello to JW et al

Missus<a href='' target='_blank'><img src='' border=0></a>
Phew. You had me worried there! Good idea. Will we be providing virtual food & drink or do they supply their own? I guess we could always rig up a camcorder so they can get the whole BBQ experience. Pity there's no 'smellyvision'. :cool:
No point in cleaning up - we'll only make it dirty again. :rolleyes:

So will Paul be donning his pinnie and tongs on Saturday? :D
Looking forward to it.

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