Jack Plate Wanted

Pash 1

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May 2, 2007
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Planatec 41
2x625's+ From Uncle Sam
Hydraulic Jack Plate wanted max 6 inch setback must include all of the parts to make it work

(Got to get the Cat going Faster :hugegrin: )

Ah crap i have a 10'!

will have an ask this w/end for ya...

I have a big cat too!:)

spill the beans what cat did you buy:hugegrin:
tee hee

The K4 Cat...26ft Adam youngers one he built....she is home and clean and ready to be rigged etc...

But new Hallett tomorrow will take over the pride of place and she may have to move on, only just got her in the yard!!!...

Just amazing to look at really.. a real credit to Adam.

How trix with you?:up:

good thanks,it would have been nice to see the cat on the water but if not maybe pash would be interested has the haalet got a nice loud v8 inbourd:hugegrin:

omg yes she is a loud inboard! :D

have a few plans for her tho ;) have been looking for ages to find one...

I really would have been flat out to get the K4 Cat done and on the water but you know what its like when things come up and you just have to have!

My way there's not many places to use the Cat really, we can only beach launch and trying to get the whole rig down the beach and over the ramp even with my dragster tractor trying to dodge the holiday makers and generall old codgers would be a knightmare...

but if Pash is interested then just holla!, take it easy, going to bed as have to be up early and a long drive too...L8rz.
Ok Dan what have you got that I may be intersted in??
hydraulic lifter

I have a virtually new hydraulic lifter for sale if you are interested. My no . is 07810 358817.
Brand new stainless marine gorilla 3 or cmc. Pm if you are interested...


pash,if you look on his web sight you will see the cat for sale just thought it maybe for you as you asked about petes cat:hugegrin:
Sorry BD Who's web site??
What do you guys think of these Jack Plates any good??

Whould it cope with my Mariner 300 Mag??

Cheers GaZ how much is he looking for it


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The jack plate might be OK, but I'd be more concerned about yer transom!
:aaahhh: :aaahhh: :aaahhh: :aaahhh: :aaahhh: :aaahhh:

Why Matt?
Has J.F Been nosing around my boat again??

no disrespect to your boat pash1 but i think if you go out on windy day you may have two boats with half an engine each when you return:aaahhh:
Dodgy Posts by "On the Rocks"

Sounds Horsey to me, Just checked the ISP of Mr "On the Rocks" and guess what BD! lol gotcha
Just because you want a cat really rather than the Mono thingie you have now (built by an excellent builder my I say)

not guilty me lord

in all serioseness the cat for sale was adams on boat mad its very nice looking and up together and should be very quike with your engine on it,still not guilty,theres more that comes from scotland than just haggis:seaman: