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Mar 31, 2004
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how fuel efficient are jet engines?i know there was a thread on jet power but it seems to have dissapeared.
what is the speed record for a cat? anybody care to hazard a guess how fast a 30 foot cat would go with a 3000hp jet engine?
The only 30' cats I can think of with a centerpod to shield the drive are the Eliminator and Motion cats. They would probly run 180+ with the Turbine/Arneson setup and a single canopy. I'll call Bob Leach, president of Eliminator(he's a friend of mine) and ask him about it.
roofer said:

what is the speed record for a cat?

Not recognised by the UIM but Callan Marine ran 203 at the 03 'Lake of the Ozarks Lake Rescue Shootout' in a Tencara 43 (formerly 'Jolly Motors') powered by twin T55 turbines.
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Ben said:
Not recognised by the UIM but Callan Marine ran 203 at the 03 'Lake of the Ozarks Lake Rescue Shootout' in a Tencara 43 (formerly 'Jolly Motors') powered by twin T55 turbines.
I was there and saw both of their runs that day. The first pass was 205 but it wasn't allowed. The race officials said Callan "jumped the start". The sound of that boat at the finish line was heart-pounding. There is NOTHING on the water to equal 5000 screaming horses from turbine engines!! When the speeds were posted the spectator fleet went wild!!

Their run this year almost ended in disaster. Lake Of The Ozarks in the state of Missouri is a very narrow, shallow lake with rollers coming off the shoreline down the course. At about 180MPH, throttleman John Cosker trimmed out too much and the bows rose. Then a roller caught them on the port side and the cat started "hopping". Before they could settle the Tencara down, the rudder and its fiberglass housing was ripped off the transom, ending their run for the record.

Dave and John are building a new cat from their own design. With 3000HP turbines and BPM shaft drives, they are expecting 220+. John told me the turbines weigh only 550lbs. each.

The Tencara is now a test bed for the Sterling Torque V12 motors. They are making 1350HP each naturally aspirated. Sterling will also experiment with supercharging and twin turbo setups making from 1500-2000HP.
Didn't they have a 'Nasty' in that boat recently (Key West?), destroying one of the fwd sponsons?
Yes, John Cosker said the boat tripped and stuffed blowing out the starboard sponson. The new Powerboat mag has the pics.

Callan is building a new raceboat to their specs. I believe it will have the redesigned Torque V12 1350hp motors in it and BPM shaft drives.

They're probly gonna strip Jolly and cut it up for scrap. John said after 7 years of great racing it's run its last.:frown::frown:
darexms said:
the hydroplane's in the US run approx 200mph
Yes but the Unlimiteds may not survive Bernie Little's death. The sanctioning body has fragmented, never a good thing for any water sport. The Budweiser team has run its last race(which it won).

Sponsors are hard to find in the best of times, but these are NOT the best of times in the USA, thanks to the Smirking Chimp.:flame: :flame:
Whos the "Smirking Chimp"?
i think you may find he's on about george bush :D