Johnson Seahorse 35

Jul 13, 2004
Cruising area
Windermere - River Ribble
Boat name
Boat make
Marina 12ft
Mercury 700
Ive been offered one of these for £150. As a spare cause my 700 is playing silly beggers at the moment. Anyone now anything about these engines

Johnson Seahorse 35

oh yeh!

when i was about 12, we had one (think ex mod) on the back of a dell quey dory 13!!

2 cyclinder, lots of pull....i even ski'd off it (mind you i was about 7 stonnes!)...

BUT at the end of the day its only 35hp..
Well on back of my 12 should be happy under powered but good as a spare .

Cheers any luck with them piccys
Mr forgetfull here!!
tonight, i promise....they are very low quality though........ I think i must have been a bit drunker than i thought!

may help ya all the same
hactually, it was after the wee dory that my Dad, fine chap that he is/was.............laid outy a whopping £200 for the brown Marina.

we put the yam/marina 55hp (originally for the dory, but it sat so ass heavy it very,very nearly sunk!!!) it was cool!

stupid man giving me, age 13 and my bro aged 17 a feckin death machine!!

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