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Mar 12, 2004
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Water in fuel has caused me a lot of problems last year ( about 6000 kwids worth) and I am determined never to have the problem again.

so I am going to install twin filters on each of my fuel lines, keep my tanks topped up. filter the fuel before it goes in the boat etc.

on top of this I want to use something like fuel set/Soltron/wynns fuel additive. does anybody else use these and if so which one. I need a solution for diesel and petrol

Rogue, I know that filling station fuel pump fitters have some sort of paste that you can wipe on a dip stick and place in the fuel. If water is present it turns blue. May be worth trying to track some down.

Turning blue is probably better than you turning red after the water has done it's damage.

Be safe

Wave the claims for these things sound too good to be true, but if true we're missing out.

My old JCB has about 3" of sludge in its tank and it got so bad a few years ago I modified the fuel pickup to be above it. The tank is part of the chassis and not a bit you'd want to be cutting an access hatch into.

Last week I was thinking about the water problem just as you are. I reckoned if it worked on the JCB it would work on just about anything. I emailed Soltron and explaind the problem and here is there reply. I'm going to give it a go on the JCB and I'll report back.
Good morning Mr Walker

Your query has been passed to me. You asked ...............

Is Soltron able to deal effectively with the contamination I have described?

The short answer is "yes". Our marine clients face this problem quite often. We solved similar problems for construction and road maintenance companies whose equipment - like yours - suffer from winter condensation.

You need have no fears from using Soltron and you will benefit in a host of other ways too.

For example: put some in your personal vehicle (diesel or petrol) and see your power and acceleration improve, fuel consumption improve and emissions decrease dramatically. Soltron gives a comparable performance to BP Ultimate fuels when added to ordinary fuel: but at a fraction of the cost and with other benefits too.

Please give me a call when you want to order or to discuss this further. I can't quote a delivered price until I know where you are located.

Yours sincerely

Andrew R Harrison BSc (Hons) M Inst Pet MEI
01270 611386 (UK)
+44 1270 611386 (International)
Thanks Guys

Brian I'll track that paste down.....I know some guys that run a tank cleaning company for gas stations. I'll see if they can get me some.

Matt. It's dificult to nail it down. In the case of the magnificent orange RIB very close to nearby knocking at Drivers wharf It's cos I split the tank. So I guess that's tough but acceptable.

In the case of the two outboards my money is on the fuel station having water in their tanks.

thanks JW


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