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May 5, 2004
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I am a racer and fan in the USA and just found your site. Here is a couple Pics of the boats I race

Daytona Fl 29 Warlock I drive


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Great site, I look foward to following racing in the UK
This is thye start of the SBI Race in New Your before 9/11


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Cool! Welcome to Boatmad Scott.

We had the second pic you posted on this site (untill the site database got erased a couple of months back)

please visit regularly, we like visitors from the US (we even have Catmando as a member)
Catmando:hugegrin: I'm outta here!

Just kidding, The Catman is everywhere and I am glad I found this site. Like I said before I am not only a racer, but a huge fan of racing and love the offshore outboard class you guys run over in the UK
Here is another from Islamorada APBA Race The boat will be Kean Cougar this year


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last one for now Atlantic City NJ race


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second picture in sequence notice the sport fish in the back, it will show the flight distance


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Nice pics.
A couple of pals and I were in Islamorada last year after the Miami show, to see the Miami boat show poker run...well cool
Great pictures Scott although seems more collecting air miles :D

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