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Mar 12, 2004
My 200 was a wee bit of a pain yesterday:cry:

Since i've had it, its always taken somewhere between 20secs to 1 min to start initially from cold....usually primer bulb is flat blah blah.

Once she's started, she will 99% start 1st fire no agro at all. I was wondering, would there be any reason why she will NOT idle when sitting in the sea??

Yesterday i had quite a lot of water in the boat + we spent alot of time sitting on the back taking ski's on & off. As the the engines too bloody heavy for the boat anyway....just wondered if exhausts could be blocked or whatever??

As soon as i had her back on the trailer, put the muffs on and she started right up and idled perfik for the entire duration of the wash-down!

blinkin annoyin:angry:
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on the ignition key, its got the "push for choke". when i start it, its usually 50% throttle, push to choke (which yes, sounds like a solenoid moving...but never cared to look) then she'll fire within seconds.

she always fires. just wont bleedin idle......

now less of the questions and more answers please ya kenarb!
when you say "half throttle" what do you mean? (this is re: cold starting also)
here goes

Matt said:
I guess it could be loads of things really.

Does it idle better if you keep pumping the fuel bulb?

Are the exhaust relief's above or below the water at rest.
most likely under!

Does it smoke a lot when it stalls?
not noticed

Is it misfiring noticeably?

Is it chuffing out of the carbs?
once in a while

When did you last get the carbs rebuilt?
18 months ago

Is the compression good?
perfect when tested in Jan

Is it getting a good spark on all cylinders at idle?
i assume so

Is the timing right?
not got a feckin clue! never checked
etc etc?:D

when you say "half throttle" what do you mean?

as in lift the little "throttle only" lever .... half way up, perhaps a third then!
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Matt said:
Is it chuffing out of the carbs?

de mikstewer iz probubly lyke yorr fkin neez. week. orr ifn yorr bullb iz flatt yoov got a parshul clogij which iz ovacum wen yew revv de enjinn

i fink dat dat rM. pruddy iz rite . yorr orl fkin noe fuk orls an dat heez de ownly pirsun in orl de fkin werld wot noes bowt fkin botes.

heers a likkul kwiz fromm de gArfs manyewel ov seemuttshipp ann i cann tel yew itts nott fkin publisht by surriy fkin cownty cownsil

ifn yew stand upp inn yor fkin bote ow farr cann yew sea beeforr de werld disappeers ova de oryzun

we dont stand up on our boats garfie....they all go too fast.

back to the engine ....why then, does it idle perfik out of water?
Matt said:
When you said unessary, firstly, do you mean unnecessary, and secondly, I thought it was a valid question! :drain:

yey eggsactly as i wroteit 1st time around....not neskerary ya cok!

Matt said:
If it's in the water and dies as you idle down, what happens if you hit the choke button?

when running, i think it usually dies if i hit the choke
It doesn't really matter how it idles out the water, that's not where you use it, why not just 'up' the idle a tad
Johnson said:

fuk mee yoove gott fkin gud iyesite. yew cann sea forr myles an myles an myles an...............fuk mee dat'l starrt dat fkin rowgskracher ofn agen wiv iz fkin hoo sonngs

enywaiys yorr rong yew fkker.

How far then you scrote?
No, Matt, that would enable you to see 3.5 nm. OK, you could see 2.8 nm if you were 6 ft tall. How about that then? :D
Johnson said:
How far then you scrote?

2.9 myles ifn yorr fkin iye levvel iz 6 feat abuv de see levvel. an we downt yewse killowmeeters in de KU. ifn yew wont too yewse dem fukk orf too frannce

enywaiays bakk too de orijinul kwestiun. ifn de captin stikks twennty yarrds(yarrds nott fkin meeters) ov anker chayn inn iz boww lokker iz problum wil disapeer.


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