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Mar 12, 2004
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I`m thinking of going to Llangorse this summer for a couple of days. Does anyone know what restrictions there are for powerboats??:cheers:
second thoughts :

Lake Rules :

There are Pike, Perch, Roach, Bream and Eels in the lake.
1) All persons 17 years and over must pay for a permit BEFORE going on the lake. These cost £4.00 and are available from Lakeside Shop. A fishing license from the Environment Agency is also needed. These are available from most Post Offices (not required for under 12 year olds).
2) DO NOT enter the exclusion zones. Refer to the Notice Boards for information. Free Lake Maps showing the exclusion zones are available from Lakeside Shop.
3) Fishing is only from boats (which can be hired from Lakeside Shop. Anchors are not provided). No bank fishing is allowed.
4) No mooring to the buoys.
5) DO NOT leave litter in the boats, especially fishing line and plastics which can prove fatal to wildlife if eaten.

1) At busier times, if you moor near to other fisherman it will encourage other Lake users (e.g. water skiers and sailors) to go around your boats rather than between you.
2) Protect your sport by behaving in a responsible manner.

Please remember you are in a National Park


1) Permits to ski on the lake are obtainable at Lakeside Shop. The permits do not cover launching fees.
2) Only members of the British Water Ski Federation ( Tel 01932 570855 ) will be permitted to buy permits to ski on the lake and proof of membership is necessary.
3) Proof of power boat insurance, including minimum 3rd party indemnity of at least £1,000,000 is also necessary.
4) During 2005 the lake is closed for waterskiing from 9th Nov until 14th March. There are various "no-go" areas on the lake. It is necessary to be aware of these before you launch your craft.
5) Season permits will cover the period from 14th March until 9th Nov and may be used at all times in accordance with the time limits imposed.
6) Skiing is not permitted between 11.00 am and 5.00 pm on Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays.
7) On Sundays after 5.00 pm, all skiing must be conducted in the South East end of the lake (i.e."Dog-leg") and boat numbers are limited to the first 5 who register at Lakeside shop.
8) No inflatable towing devices on Sundays or before 9.00am on Saturdays.
9) Waterskiing to be confined to the period beginning one hour after sunrise and ending one hour before sunset or between 6.00 am and 9.00 pm whichever is the lesser.
10) No boat may be driven by any person less than 16 years of age.
11) When towing water skier or inflatable each boat must have a driver and an observer both of whom must be not less than 17 years of age.
12) No more than TEN boats are to be actively engaged in towing a skier at any one time.
13) All engines must be properly silenced. Water Scooters, Jet skis, Jet bikes, Hovercraft, Hydrofoils and Paragliding are not acceptable and are banned from the lake altogether with any abnormally noisy craft. If there is a question or dispute as to what is classified as abnormally noisy or unsuitable craft or equipment, then this shall be the decision of the Company or their Agents and their decision shall be final.
14) Power boats and water skiers will not be allowed to take-off or land within 200 yards of the launching area and the speed limit of 8 kilometres per hour (5 m.p.h.) MUST be observed at all times within the launching area.
15) A speed limit of 8 kilometres per hour (5 m.p.h.) MUST be observed at all times unless towing a skier or inflatable or recovering a skier from the water.
16) When recovering a skier from the water a red flag should be flown in order to indicate that there is a skier in the water.
17) When leaving the launching area all power boats must proceed in an anti-clockwise direction and keep this direction as a general rule around the lake.
18) Access to the jetty areas is for launching/recovery purposes only. Cars, trailers etc. must be removed to a car park at other times.
19) No bow riding allowed and all other general safety rules for water use must be observed at all times..
20) The Company and their Agents reserve the right to ban any boat or person from using the lake for power boat and water skiing purposes if necessary and to impose any time and or zoning conditions whenever they deem necessary.

If necessary the Llangorse Lake Conservation and Management Co. Ltd reserve the right to alter any of these conditions without notice.
Thanks foolish. Having never taken the boat there before it seem a bit on the strict side or is it just me? No sking between 11am and 5pm etc etc and is that common that you have to be a member of the BWSF to ski on lakes?
And unless the lake has shrank drastically due to global warming I think I`ll be alright of the size restriction!!!! :well:
i have been fishing there! you wouldnt want yr little pinkies dangling in that water when there are fish 2 to 3 times te size of this one below:


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