Jun 19, 2004
Cruising area
Boat name
Boat make
V24 raced 1 lap on saturday then it was stopped due to bad vis

Class 3
The Rendals
Roy Smith
Richard white
Brian and pat

Sunday V24

Tom Powel
Ricky Hill
Mark Priestly
Mr Pascoe

Cliff Smith un fortunately Rolled and sank just off the pier, both escaped without injury.
infoasitappens said:
Cliff Smith unfortunately Rolled and sank just off the pier, both escaped without injury.

There's a pattern forming with poor old Cliff! mebbe he should give up offshore, it must cost him a fortune every time he goes over.

He's been my hero sinse he chucked a fella in the drink at Cowes a few years back, the geezer was a proper nob, and the move by Cliff was well desereved!:lol:lol: (for anyone who doesn't know cliff, he's one of the 'ten feckin feet tall brigade', but he's 5 feet wide n'all.

Did they recover the boat OK?
has he got a v24 and a phantom rib for leisure?
He has a V24 for sure, dunno about the PE rib tho.
The boat was OK and so were the crew - it didn't actually sink but it did end up the wrong way up - they took a long time coming up so the navigator from the Gib boat who had stopped, put on his goggles and dived in and met them coming up.

Glen you're thinking of Mark Preistley - not quite as tall!
Saturday was very rough giving the advantage to the deisels again - a very confused sea making it a very uncomfortable race.


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Saturday was much flatter and we had a great start and first leg - leading by at least 30 seconds within 1/2 a lap and we had a steering problem and had to retire - well done to Richard Strawford for winning - he had a grin on his face you had to see to believe!


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