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Little Pete

2008 WC & 2009 V24 Champ
Mar 19, 2004
Cruising area
2, 1000shp gas turbines
is there anyone out there with a laser 2 23 pitch that not been worked.

I have a marshan 21 with a black hand grenade on the back so if anyones got any suggestions on what else a could try i would be greatfull.

have a word

pete have a word with thomas at prop reves in cobbs quay
i think he might have something for you i cnt find the number but i am sure jon or some one will post tel numbers soon
pete im just about to try a laser 11 21inch ,if it works out i will have a spare 23 mirage if its of any use,you are welcome to try it,i used it all last year ,but im having another fuel tank fitted so i wont get the revs with a 23
. are you going to the warsash race?

phantom pm sent
cheers guys i'll try thomas at prop revs,

cheers i'd like to try the mirage if i can, and see what happens.

i'm not doing the warsash race in my boat because i think its a bit pricey for a basic considering i payed £65 for the brass monkey the other week, i know you get a meal but i just want to go get wet.

instead i've decided to do allhallows because people say its a bit of an experiance
Little Pete said:
, i know you get a meal but i just want to go get wet.
In that case I highly recommend a ride in Whiteshoes's 'log flume'!:bang: :dizzy:
hi jon,
thanks for that a highly constuctive message as usual.

it would help if i knew who or what whiteshoes's was:argue:
hi matt,
do you mean for distant rumble or any good to me, cos i'll try almost anything once.

Have you got problems with the old girl then! i knew dave the guy who had her before.:brown:
Don't worry there's no cospiracy

its the text under your name saying grumble, but i guess thats just about you fuel bill :laugh:

Dave treated her well, she was in a grubby state when he first got her and spent many evenings down port solent cleaning her up. he also never thrashed the engines there was no point it looked cooler and was cheeper just cruisin' for honeys :brown:
Little Pete said:
Dave treated her well,

How do you know it's a she?...mine aint, it's a geezer
jon fuller said:
How do you know it's a she?...mine aint, it's a geezer

I bet Angela would agree, typical bloke, sits around for years and don't work!!!:D

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