lifting phantom 20


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Apr 25, 2004
can i lift my p 20 off the trailer with the two rings on the transom,the ones you attach a ski bridle to ski from,and the same for the eye on the front of the hull thats used to winch the thing on,

or do i need to get some longer slings and go under the hull instead
It should be fine lifting on those points.
Are the transom points regular 'U' bolts? if so, it's fine, if they're ski hooks, then i'm not so sure. but most, if not all left the factory with U bolts.
i've lifted my old boat off twice with some straps and a fork lift with no problems and will be lifting my P20 the same way shortly to work on the trailer,

just be careful when you put it back on the trailer as it will take a few of you to line it up, its even worse if you have a roller trailer!

Use 2 straps at the back, 1 on each of the transom eyes and 1 strap through the eye in the bow (this 0ne needs to be alot longer as most of the weight is at the back.)

if using a fork lift make the forks as wide as possible and position so the fork closest to the engine is level with the back seat rest and you won't be far out.

hope this helps
thanks for the help,i dont have a forklift but have access to a 10 tonne loading shovel like you see in quaries.just hope the driver knows the difference between up and down

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