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Mar 13, 2004
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Whilst nosing round the internet, I happened to find myself on the "greek fools" homepage. He has a link to Ribnet, with this description of it.

"RIBNET, This is a quite popular RIB forum. Many people genuinely want to help and they give accurate info.
However some, because they are on the RIB trade or entertainers or just because they are idiots, want to sell you something all the time.
Experience suggest that all you see and hear is NOT always correct.
In fact very little info is correct.
Some members like Charles, Aging Youth, Chrisallse, Me Me and a few others that I am sure you will find on your own are nice to get chating to.
Well is not that bad realy!!"
Cometh the Hour.......

......Cometh Manos!
:well: :well: :well: :well: #

or entertainers or just because they are idiots

I guess that kind of somes me up. now does anybody want to buy some used lifejacket cylinders!
For some reason Manos doesn't seem to like the credibility scoring system on RIBnet much either!


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