Long Weekend Ahead



Finally long weekend ahead for rest or as I will envy you those will use this fantastic weekend for boating as over here we will not start boating until May.
:cry: :flame: :hot: :wotzhapni :cry: :flame: :hot: :wotzhapni
Your turn will come soon Bogi... :banana:

I can't wait for Thursday night... a nice long break... yahooo :banana:
I am lucky guy as I am already enjoying Easter holiday as from today. I was repairing my Chrysler vehicle today. On Easter day we will celebrate María Erla´s 20th birthday so I will be doing some BBQing and baking (Steinunn will be relaxing).
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Thanks Matt, I like it too although I´m not Star War fan
I assume you people are now preparing your boats for the several venues/gatherings planed during Easter
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bogib said:
I assume you people are now preparing your boats for the several venues/gatherings planed during Easter
:banana: :wave: :cheers:

I think Chris is planning to spend some time on ours.... me.... I'm taking Aaron out... :)
Lucky you I am going to sleep tomorrow, Friday and Saturday as Saturday night I have to start baking some cakes and cooking on Sunday then go to sleep until start working on Midnight Monday.
:snooz: :snooz: :snooz: :snooz: :snooz: :snooz:
(that is my goal!!!)
Have you take Aaron to Whipsnade Zoo lately ?
CAKES..... Yummy, I love cakes.... you have my address if you have any spare ones :drain:

I have been to Whipsnade Zoo several times, I don't really like that one I prefer London Zoo. I'm hoping to go to the Natural History Museum and/or Science Museum and of course Legoland :)
I love baking and cooking. I have not been to London Zoo myself, we went to Whipsnade Zoo some 14 years ago with Maria Erla and Jon Baldur, also I have been with Jon Baldur to park close by Southampton which I do not remember the name at the moment and he was facepainted as Panther and it lasted for two days so we manage to go home with it (we where only two of us). I am watching tele, we have more than 40 channels and there is absolutely nothing really watchable.
:aaahhh: :( :rolleyes:
I'm glad to hear you enjoy baking and most importantly you find the time to do it.

If you get the chance to visit London Zoo, I do recommend it.

We are watching a programme about people who design and build their own houses, it's called "Grand Designs", it is very interesting. If I had the money I would love to do it too.

It's very quiet on the forum, strange it's seems to be quiet on all of the forums I visit. Maybe people have gone away for Easter?

I am going to have a good look through the brochures of Iceland over the weekend. (I really like the stamps that were on the envelope, they are very pretty).
Let me know stamp Steinunn is a hefty collector of stamps, postcards, banknotes, coins souvenier stuffs etc etc, I am on other hand have not really any hobbies apart from working and boats.
Yepp I agree the two forums I go to are really slow at the moment and for sure it has a lot to do with Easter. It is so long time since I had decent rest and it is first year for many years I am in Iceland over Easter as I have been mostly spent them in UK.

:cheers: :banana: :cheers:
jackeen's Missus said:
How many forums you on Willow?

Missus Curious:D

Hello Missus,

I go on another six forums, I am Moderator on two of them. I collect bears, and enjoy trading them! ;)
Ah, you're back, missus. I thought maybe you'd gone off on yer hols.

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