Looking for a B-22 (or smashed B-23?)


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Aug 27, 2008
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Im looking for a B-22, i dont think there is any B-23 out there cheep enough. And i guess they dont break so no smashed out there.

Only the boat, no nothing (maybe trailer though) damages, bad paint job etc. is no problem, since it will be a one-off inboard build in the end, similar to my B-23.
Backdraft anyone?
vilgy on heres selling one, give him a mail

I sent him a pm.
its one in Bermuda tht the owner i think will sell boat hit a pilon on sundays race go to Youtube around the island powerboat race crash aug 2012
I Imagine the shipping from their would cost more than the boat!

Yes I am selling my B23 with trailer, I can get a good price to ship to the U.K. as I ship with the shipping company all year. I can ask for cost to Liverpool if you want. Boat with trailer, no engine or rigging.
We are not looking anymore. The backdraft seemed to slow, and we could not find any B23, so it ended up with a Twister 20 that has been modifyed and equipped with a Suzuki Swift 1.4 custom turbo, will run in the K2000 class here in sweden next year.

Will be a killer, i would need canopy on my B23 to keep up with that thing.