Looking for this P20


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Jan 21, 2007
Hi, looking to buy our old P20 back if anyone knows where it is?.

Pics attached is all we have left, not very good!.

From memory it was a 1989 hull, not a 1990 as the ad said, last known was for sale by last owner named " Blind Faith " in Ipswich Marina in 1997 with a single 150 Mercury Black Max. Last pic.

Did have # "66 " (not 68 as last owner filled a bit in to make an 8) Painted on the side from new. Original Gel stripes, Bench type rear seat set up, bow tank, rear ladder, trim tabs and lots of stress cracks on the top deck!.

Will know the hull as would have some holes that were filled in on the top deck to the rear where a tower was and quite a few in the transom where it was tested with a twin 150 set up.

Was my Fathers boat and would mean alot to me to have it back again, what ever the state it in!.

Maybe someone can help locate it, Thank you.


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I'm sure this is malc dopsons old boat sold not that long ago ?
I don't think so, I did study the pictures of Malc's boat and it's very close but not it. So, still looking for it.

May be interested in another 20 or a 21. Cheap and cheerful to get on the water would be ideal. P.M. Only please. Thank you.
He had the 66 numbers which he has kept for his phantom 19 bit of a coincidence?