Lords of The Ring 1V - Bodger Parade

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Mar 13, 2004
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Lords of The Rings1V - Early Release!!!

Stop Press!!!

The opening sequence of Lords of the Rings 1V was shot tonight at a Top Secret Location in the Solent Area,
The Jackeens happened upon the stars of the show Legless and Billygo Baggins acting out the dramatic opening sequence completing an epic voyage in possession of the Ring.

Muttering 'My Precious' over and over they seemed very attached to the Ring but there was an air of mystery and suspense as the dark shape followed closely behind.....

Watch this space for some brand new stills (coming shortly to a cinema nowhere near anyone).


Episode 11 Dark Secret Unfolds...

Comfortable in each other's company it appears to the onlooker that our two heroes may have made a Hobbit of this...setting off together on mysterious trips to rescue long-forgotten treasure ...

As they neared their well-fortified destination they seemed blissfully happy to have completed the perilous journey with the RING safely in their clutches...

Suddenly the evil leprechauns spied them and shouts were heard. BillyGo and Legless glanced round in fear as they realised their secret was about to be uncovered...

And I thought you were the souls of discretion. Still nice to know that ribsters are patrolling Portmsouth Harbour 24/7 armed with a camera to catch anything our of the ordinary.

However I am sure 2 coffees and a pint of lager will have bought your silence for the moment. :cheers:


You seem to make a lot of late night trips across Pompey harbour ? hmm all very suspicious. I am sure I have seen a poster somewhere asking for reports of little boats and ribs making landings at night time.
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Lords of The Ring

Episode 111

In fact the leprechauns were none other than the legendary shebeen dwellers of Middle Solent near the End of The World…
(So Legless and Billygo realised they were in safe company.)

Many a stranger had been saved from mortal peril on great journeys by these same Leprechauns Jaxo and Damissis…and now they were calling out insistently to our two devilishly handsome heroes ..

‘Beware the Ring!!!!It will try to draw you to the Dark Side!!!!’

:aaahhh: :aaahhh:

(Missus:D )
is this where backy drafty ken o bee turns up
ah jaysus Carly that's the wrong fillum altogether


Missus :up:

But I guess I could work in a little starring role for you!!!

After me tea:tea:
Lords of The Ring

Episode 1V

In a cloud of dark smoke Obe Wan Karleebebe materialised in the murky waters now swirling around the poor little leprechauns…

‘Use the force look!!!’ he whispered through his mouthpiece (on loan for the purposes of this fillum) from Dirk Taxevader. The leprechauns were dazzled by the brilliant sight of Obe's multicoloured chariot (their lickle eyes being only used to forty shades of green).
Then he demonstrated how to throttle with bottle at all times…

As Obe vanished with a mighty sound and a huge backward draft of wind, the leprechauns mustered their courage once more and approached the vessel bearing the huge forms of Billygo and Legless…

Missus (tea's on)
Top Secret Early Fillum Stills

Shot 1

The Humble Lickle Leprechauns (an earlier scene which shows the leprechaun colony frolicking happy in their natural habitat)


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What happened, what happened.
go on, go on
Aww, yer making it up as you go along.
No ta, I have more than enough parts to be going on with, in fact too many moving parts if the truth be known.
I have some Zeb pics too but didn't put 'em on in case your boss was looking in.

I know the heirarchy at Hogwart's can be a bit tetchy. ARf
Top Secret Early Fillum Stills

Obe appears in a cloud of dark smoke...


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My hooks are tenter and I am on them
Lords of The Ring

Episode V

The Leprechauns forged ahead in the gathering gloom aware now that it was the hour of the great Birds swooping in the air with screeching noises (props) (going too fast basically :D) ...this was indeed the hour of Robin and Pillagin and Jaxo and Damissis felt a sudden fear that their heroes were being drawn into something far far beyond their control...

Lords of the Ring

Episode V1

As the darkness deepened huge monsters appeared in the distance….the two shebeen dwellers huddled in fear as the night seemed fuller dark shapes and distant rumbles … they drew aside into the shadows (afraid of being Mordored).

They wondered fleetingly if some giants thundering by could be the great Scorpions they had only read about (in shiny catalogues) or perhaps the greatest and most fearsome monster of all ….

the Phantom form of the mighty Leviathan???

But all the huge shapes roared by... hell bent on reaching far away destinations…they had no time to waste on pitiful leprechauns…

Billygo and Legless drew on the Dark Powers of the Ring which shielded them from the unwelcome attention of the Powerful Ones…

Missus (tea was nice)
Now it's gettin exciting,
Thank you v much.

I have edited out my accidental double entendre as it may be misconstrued by the more sensitive reader.

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