Lunch - Dartmouth 20/03/05


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Mar 13, 2004
Salcombe South Devon
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BananaShark 34' Race
Twin Yanmar BY 260's
Weather permitting we are meeting for lunch in Dartmouth this Sunday - there will be Kitten and I in the BananaShark (leisure version) Rob Mcarthy in the mystery RIB and another 6m RIB, all coming from Salcombe, and at least 2 boats coming from Teignmouth. Anyone wanting to join us for lunch is welcome, and we might book a table somewhere as there will be more coming by road as well!

If you fancy coming either reply here or call me on 07836 268747 - Going to try and rope the Exmouth lot in as well - more RIBS and hard boats from there I hope!
:seaman: :D
Ok - Following a suggestion from Paul Tilley, the George and Dragon it is - I will book a table on Friday afternoon for those that are coming so I'll need the numbers by then - meet at 12.30 at the main ferry pontoon in Dartmouth, and I'll book the table for 1.00 unless someone has a better idea?