Lyme bay 2001

Jon Fuller

Mar 12, 2004
Cruising area
South Coast
Boat name
Boat make
Phantom 28
A little bit of video we shot on our way back from Plymouth

Click here to view

Double click on moving image for full screen
56K, Oh what a joy there i am, supposed to know a bit about PC hardware and scrape by knowing windows "parrott-fashion"....

because i live more than 25 metres off the beaten track....dial-up only......AND @ about 28kb/s!!

So that ones in a DL manager......look forward to viewing b4 work in morn:eek:
That sucks! (yank talk)
Just uploaded it at 56k, took about 30 mins
No, that's Larence Bellamy (Son of Mike Bellamy of Lancing marine fame, and Ian Cutler, BM member and ex racer 'Large it' from Ft Lauderdale.
Well i'm beat (more yank talk) so am heading for :snooz: in 10. when your as unfit as I...100yards watersking really screws you!

I'll be leaving that one to d/l in its own time......keep'm coming though Jonny....there always really good.

The discussion around the 'stuff' movie you posted sssaved me bacon today. I lept out the water in oncoming tide with bows really high!! shat a brick and nailed the throttle....only took a we-bit off the top of the next white-hoarse when 're-entry' occured! which was nice:cry: :cry:

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