Making a skip into a boat


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Jun 29, 2004
I made a bet with a friend of mine whilst looking at Roman Abrimovic'c Yachts which had a skip next to them over the weekend.

The bet was that I could travel around the whole of grea
Great Britain in a skip.

The loser has to have a prince albert piercing. Does anyone know who can help me or if it is possible as I know nothing about boats, and chat rooms by the looks of this
Best go and have a shag mate, cos you won't be doing any for a while afterwards

T:shag: :laugh: :shag: :well:
Not the most positive response to a question I've ever asked.

I can modify the skip as long as I start with it as a skip.
p'raps start sticking pins into your old fella in practise 'cos you're going to be getting a piercing where it hurts! :hugegrin:

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