Mercruiser dealers in the south


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Jun 30, 2004
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Kings Road
Anyone know where i can obtain a set of exhaust riser gaskets for a 7.4L Mercruiser V8?

I need the ones that fit between the manifold and the exhaust elbows.

My local dealer hasnt got any in stock and wont be able to get any before the weekend!!!!!

Boy the service in this country stinks.:down:
Cheers matt,

Im at work and cant find the details.:(

You couldnt give them to me again please:)
You are a star. :up:
Cheers Foolish,

I dont know of them.

Im sure it will come in handy.

Im currently planning a trip to Canada for the new year where i hope to souce some goodies.

There's no skiing in Miami!! only loud clothes and Gangsta Rappers. :drain:
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