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Apr 1, 2004
i am considering purchasing a 200hp mercury optimax outboard engine, and some friend have told me that these engines have had many electrical problems, is this a fact?

Good motors.

Two of them over here in L/Hampton.

They're well looked after.

Always running reliably and despite the different power band they do perform well.
are they legit for racing in f2?? 3000cc 200hp, theyre only a few ccs over!!
Glen - everyone uses the XS 200 which is 2.5 litre and 200 hp
but is xs 200 ok for leisure aswell? on the ol jungle juice and stuff, isnt it straight through exhaust? oh and what about reliability? Im not sure if i ever will race, but i dont want to rule myself out of it buy getting the wrong engine. i am aiming for Primarily leisure use though
Glen - Formula 2 is getting quite competitive now and I think you need to be on a level playing field with the others - not sure if the 3 litre is listed for Formula 2 or not.

Probably best to ask one of the engine people what the differances are - we are still running XR2's on the race boat and a 225 Opti is ready to go on the leisure boat when its finished.

If you want to discuss it in more detail send me a pm and I'll give you my number and I'll suggest some people that could help you out.
Whats the difference between the XS & S ranges of Optimax?

I've seen the XS advertised by a main dealer as a 'Salt Water' Optimax. What are the main differences between the two.
I think the XS is the 2.5 litre and the regular opti 200 is a 3 litre - dunno what the S is at all - maybe have a look at Mercury's website?
Cookee said:
I think the XS is the 2.5 litre and the regular opti 200 is a 3 litre

Cookee, looked at the Mercury website and you're right. I guess thats why the XS weighs in 28 kilos lighter.

As for the 'Saltwater' options I couldn't find anything on the American site but did find something on MarinePowerEurope. The only model listed that could be compared to the 'Non-Salty' option was the 115. The only difference I can see in the Tech spec is that the 'Saltwater' is recomended for extra long transoms. There was a reference in the general write up regarding fresh water flushing so perhaps the Salty has a better flushing attachment?
do regular mercury dealers sell the xs or is it just racing agents? if so wheres the nearest one to the solent?
All UK high perf merc is handled by:

Marinautic Ltd (Mike Betts)
Cobbs Quay Marina, Cobbs Quay Hamworthy
Poole Dorset
BH15 4EL

Tel: 01202 678085

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