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Jul 15, 2004
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I have just recently bought a fletcher arrowflyte with a mercury 70 outboard. Does anyone know much about these engines coz the problem i have is that the engine seems to run fine out of the water,but under load in the water it misses. Or can anyone advise of any mercury specialist in lancashire.
Try looking in your local yellow pages or a copy of Boat Mart. Or ask down at your local marina
Good one :*******:

I had a 3 cylinder 60 a while back, think its the same lump as the older 70's.

anyway, had exactly the same prob..... in my case i had convinced myself it was coz i had a 70 on before....... and the 60 was just shite,

in fact, i got the carbs cleaned, new plugs......different motor alltogether!

trust yoiu've checked compression is ok??
I haven't tried anything on it yet, I've only had it a couple of days and with work and stuff I haven't had a chance. I'll get my dad to sort out a compression gauge out tonight. Have you any idea what sort of psi it should be reading?, is it a common problem with these engines?
is it a common problem with these engines

No, but a lack of maintenance by previous owners is. Along with ****wits running engines up out of the water on the slipway before launching.

Anway to be more helpful, not sure which part of Lancashire you are in, but there is a Merc dealer in Ormskirk, been there years always fancied the 3.4L Merc he had in there, but only for show boring bastard.

Think they used to drive hydro planes back in the early days, you know when administrators had hair

Yeah ormskirk not to far from me any idea what the place is called so I can give them a ring.Ta
Outboard and Hydroplane Services Ltd,

Tel: 01695 422350,

Springfield Rd, Aughton, Ormskirk.

They are on the old road going south west out of Aughton, you can see the shop from the dual carridgeway (A59) heading south west, but need the back road to get to them.

Hi mate,
I have had a 50 & an 80, same sort of age, the 80 was fine with no problems. The 50 was a different story, this engine used to have the same kind a problem. I replaced the diaphrams in the carbs and gave them a good clean, it still died under power, then one day I took it out and it didnt die at all, the only thing i noticed was that the vent screw on the tank was just about open. I opened it fully and then it started dieing again, from then on i found that if i just opened the screw slightly (enough for it to vent) it would run all day. i know its not a complete cure but I kept the boat for a further 2 years with no problem.
Well i finally got it running at the weekend with the vent screw only slightly open and it started fine,but it's only running on 2 cylinders but it's definately trying to get on the 3rd so today iam going to sort out so new HT leads and plugs and see if I can get it on the 3rd cylinders before i try it in a tank.

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