Miami posse .. Msge for Tony

Admiral P. Brain

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Mar 15, 2004
Is it possible to get hold off Tony?
is he receiveing texts?

I need to know if he has RedMist Livorsi speedo with him?
Mindi Doller has a carbon fiber steering wheel for him if he can pick it up on friday??

if any of you guys see any alpine marine speakers STM 6666 I need 4 of them as long as there less than $90 each

beers will be given as thanks
Made a note and meeting him at 12 tomorrow at the show so I'll pass along your message ......... Happy to help!
Great.... It's Mindi Doller at DollerOffshore co. think they are linked with Sonic boats in Nth Miami area
but Mindi is at the show and has the wheel and Tony's name...

Hope you guys are having fun!!
speakers are priced per pair, sorry actualy DollerOffshore can get these for $70 per pair so hold back at mom....
Yup, 80 degrees today.
Mindi wont have the steering wheel at the show till Saturday...
will you guys be there that day...
no problem if your not as I am over in Miami in April

if you have a land line or mobile that works I will call to get msg to Tony

Where are the show reports?? photos?? have you met Reggie ??

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