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Jon Fuller

Mar 12, 2004
Cruising area
South Coast
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Phantom 28
Here are a few pics of the party at the Shebeen.

Wavenobber accidentally finds one of missus's sex toys!:aaahhh: which rather oddly has a yellow head, and Green balls.


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The gaze says it all! I think Mrs Nobber is in love with Paul:bolt:


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'Secret lemonade drinker' Wavenobber tucks in.....Feck, Arse, Girls!


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Big John (AKA Tintin) & Little Pete


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And finally 'A rough load of Ribnobbers together', or as we say on Boatmad "Tintin's disciples"


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Oooohhh Paul, why can't Dickie be like you
There's 'that look' again!....steady on Mrs N!:shag: :sperm: :sperm: :dizzy:


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After a hard night on the tiles, gypsy needed a rest.


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Beautiful photos Jon. How nice of you and Angela & Gypsy to come all the way to see us!!!
Appreciate that very much.

However...that fishing rod which we bought for our friends' kids will have to be consigned to the bin as I can never look at it in the same light again!!! Notice you posted here out of my (edit ) reach too...!!!

Will do a BBQ post at some stage...just in off the water; knackered...and the last lot of guests look like they're ready for another lot of grub!!!!

Missus:sick: :dizzy: :bolt:

PS nice photo of Mrs N...she looks quite Jane Austen era...I'm sure she was just thinkin...'would you ever feck off Paul...I've heard that one 100 times!!!'
jon fuller said:
the Shabeen.

Is the the shabby version of the shebeen? ;p;

Wavenobber accidentally finds one of missus's sex toys!:aaahhh:

If you'd visited the upstairs bathroom you'd have found another one - pink 'knob' with eight pink legs with balls on the end. :aaahhh:

The blue nun has some serious explaining to do.
jackeen's Missus said:
Mrs N...I'm sure she was just thinkin...'would you ever feck off Paul...I've heard that one 100 times!!!'

yew sownd lyke yew ad a verry injoyabul nite mr fuler. yew shud konnsidder yorrselve fkin lukky. i waz gowin too plannt a bomm too gett orl dem ribbas inn wan fkin gow but de ffkin fing wennt offf a bitt premachewer. de kwak sed i shud bee orlrite bi wendesday butt de powdur birns wil taik abowt a fkin fawtnite too dissapeer. i mus reemembir too tel dat fkker madd ororke hoo maid de bomm dat brittish sumertyme hasunt starrtid yett. wot a nobbur.


sp. i nead a noo RX3 azwel
For more respectable photos...please see Torkin B. forum below ...Paddy's Day thread...link sorry bit of a journey!!!

Missus (We are not amused JF. I'll deal with you later. Same goes for Mrs. Nobber. Hi Gypsy!!!)

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