motivation,yes or no??


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Sep 5, 2005
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motivation,what do you think,shall i buy her and post step by step photos of restoration???
My tuppence worth:

Marshan 21's are supposed to be ok (i think thats a given) & although i think they look cool; some of the ones i've seen are painfully narrow to be used as purely a pleasure boat.

That said, I think the whole crux of this decision lyes with the 'how much' question?
Would it be foolish to assume that some of the floor etc has started to wrot and'll need replacing, will you want to re-trim it? how good a' respray do you wan to give the deck?
If your prepared to do the work and lay-out dosh on a boat thats not getting any younger, then i'd say have a go. You must however consider the TOTAL cost when the projects finished and weigh that up against the cost of what would be the next best alternative.

would go well with bridgeport though eh?
I dont know why people go on about Marshan's being Narrow. They just about the same width as a phantom.
How much? £300 with the seats (new seats!) and petrol tank (120ltr alloy)
Its a bargain!
as long as hull is sound is my main concern,re-spray is no problem,that i can do myself,also trailer i can make too,biggest outlay for me will be the engine,i figure ive got all winter to do it in stages,i certainly think it looks a lovely boat with nice budget is limited so other options would be a phantom of the same age,theres one in my boat yard thats going to be up for sale next year to pay for its mooring fees(owner doesnt use it)its hull and engine is 1981 approx price is £2500-3000.the guy who runs boat yard reckons 100mph with a merc 225 engine,i still laugh at that comment !!!
1981 i would be very suspect of the stringers , tramsom and any wood in it .esspecialy if its been stored outdoors it its for sale to pay yard fees its probley been left to go to sh*t
the engine is ancient. . if you buy crap you will be foverever laying out money .
cheers,mate,i was kinda thinking along those lines myself,cover is shagged and its been open to the elements for at least 2 years
:D as i said earlier most of the work i can do myself,looks like i will be looking for an engine soon!long nights in my workshop in site,yea ha!!!
for 3 hundred you cant go wrong ( not even an "expensive" mistake)......

If Mr Rob don't get an offer soon im gonna buy it 4 me kids to potter up-n-down the Thames ...
just pm him to say ill have it:)
its not funny!!!!:D
so how about a boatmad auction ????

everthing over the 3hundred goes behind the bar at the "old Courthouse"..................

325 ... highest bidder :drink:
ever had the feeling you wish you had kept your mouth shut:D
SOLD! To the man with the shot gun! lol