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Mar 12, 2004
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I've just bought a Road Angel. That's a combined radar detector and database of all known fixed and mobile speed cameras, such as Gatso, Truvelo and also the average speed type trap that measures the time you take to pass under motorway bridges or similar, then calcs your average speed and bingo.

You can download the latest database of camera positions, which they recommend you do fortnightly.

The unit warns you of up coming speed traps using it's 12 channel GPS receiver/camera position database.
You can choose how far ahead you want to be warned 250, 500, or 1000 metres.
If you're travelling at above 50mph the unit can be set to double the warning distance.

The radar detector part speaks for itself (not literally, no)

This is a fantastic tool, and if you travel a lot on roads you are not familiar with, as I do, it is an invaluable gadget and a godsend.

Check them out at
That things really good John

Did you read that owners of Detectors are 25% less likely to have an accident? I'd like to buy four, keep three in the wardrobe and never have a prang again.:drain:

Dorset police are just reinvesting their gatso fine funds and issuing for general use hand held units that can photograph you and catch your speed at the mile mark?

They are plastering the force with them.

I have got off five gatso tickets to date.:banana:
Matt said:
Oi, since when was god ginger?

Dunno, when did I start boatmad? April 03....yeah, from April 03 God was a ginger.
there not bad - I had one for a few weeks. The radar detector is really only useful at a range greater than 200 mtrs any closer and it usually wont pick it up and your pinged by then.

The black spots got on my tits.

changed to a bolt on to tom tom navigator. down side it doesn't have detector

GPSWORLD has reviews of all systems


and yep it has slowed me down too
Creative writing

jon fuller said:

The Gatso's detect crimes but not the criminals.

You blame me, I blame you. Who's to blame?
:confused: :confused: petrol

what ya mean man - do ya mean it doesn't flash who the driver is ??

I taught modern gatso's take a pic of the driver head on also.

am I barking up the wrong tree

:brain: :brain:
R U sure Matt gatsos are the grey boxes on the side of the road sometimes in the central reservation , aren't they ???

theres 2 or three new ones near me that take head on.

specs are the yellow/while ones high up usually on the motor ways. theres 2 on the m27 near botley - they take avg speed between 2 points

or have i had too much :brown:

link about the new guns
jackeen said:
:confused: :confused:

what ya mean man - do ya mean it doesn't flash who the driver is ??

I taught modern gatso's take a pic of the driver head on also.

I am I barking up the wrong tree

:brain: :brain:

Are you talking of a gatso then, or the truvelo ting.?

Oddly enough I havent been nicked by a gatso that flashed forwards at me! I didnt think gatso's did anything in forwards offences except flash.

I have been flashed by them plenty of times in the past going forwards.

Maybe they were empty?

Long tales of lending the car or bike to someone who is now out of the juresdiction has worked for me. As has not being able to determine who was driving .

If you have to alter an image to provide evidence, it is considered tampering with the evidence. So unless its a good clear picture of you, it dont count.
jackeen said:
The black spots got on my tits.

I don't know about the model you had, but with this one you can turn off the blackspot warnings (the audio part anyways) so it only squarks for the speed traps, and I don't mind that.
jackeen said:
The black spots got on my tits.

Or if I have got the wrong end of this stick,
I'm sure you can get some ointment for that, it can be very nasty, so get it sorted!
Speed traps on bridges

Well I hope there isnt that many on the A3....I was rocketing up that @10pm last night! ooops!

it'd be a bout par for the cousre for me.......just when a plans coming together....i'll probably av me liscence taken away!:mad:

Speed cameras are just a money-making pile o shite!...the amount of times i've nearly totalled my various motors coz some ole tart in front has seen one and bunged the anchors on!! :argue: :*******:

If they removed them all, i'd be free to do 130mph all day! what feckin bliss!

all IMHO of course!

Matt said:
When I saw the title of this thread I thought it was going to be about drillin a feckin hole again. (Angel grinder)

Wot, as in 'My Little angle' that sounds very personal.

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