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Mar 15, 2004
Boat name
Thought the following might be of interest.

It's the new Mannerfelt two litre batboat as raced in the Worlds in Sweden. It only ran in the first race and as I only saw the second race I did not see it perform.

By all accounts it was fairly quick but had some problems with corners. Also damaged a fuel tank and that was that.



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a shot from the stern shows just how narrow (hull) she is on the transom!


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:wotzhapni Blimey! :wotzhapni
gArfie, you're so observant! As well as cute and clever and witty and wise and handsome and sexy and....the list just goes on and on! ;)

PS Sorry for interrupting a perfectly good thread - but a serious question: are the 'wings' to give lift (eg when going straight) or grip (eg when cornering) or both? Or am I talking utter nonsense (as usual!)?
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Can't believe no-one knows the answer! :D

Or doesn't anyone read my posts? :(

(Have to say, I wouldn't blame you if you didn't - 99 parts bollix to 1 part silly girly question. :D )
Ta Matt. :worthy:
Please forgive my ignorance if what I'm about to say is total rubbish!!!

From the couple of races I've seen and the photos, these type of boats seem to 'stuff' fairly easily? Wouldn't extra stern lift just make them more prone to doing this? Or are they counterbalanced in some way? Or am I talking s***e (again!)? :D
Ta again! What causes hooking then?
Ta, AGAIN! :)
The boat in question is the XB-03, its 7.12M long and weighs 735KG.

Its the same Ocke hull, narrowed off at the back with the bow raised to stop it "stuffing in the following"

It cant turn as tight as some of the cats as the wings are planing on the water. Its the third boat the team have had, and the wings in these pictures are considerably reduced from the origonal ones.

The team has spent an awfull lot of money on this project and were by far the most profesional outfit there.

Cleaus Westerlund, Team owner and driver used to own the twister that thomas wrenkler won the worlds in this year.
Ta for the info, Info! :)

So, in (theoretically) flat calm water, do both wings touch the water and run level, or does it behave more like a catamaran?

Anyone got any photos of it in the water?
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So - have I got this right - the wings provide lift when running straight and, when cornering, would dip into the water and provide grip? :confused:
And would that provide grip?

Sorry for all the Qs! :rolleyes:
would the sudden change in surface area of a dipping wing not be like a sudden handbrake on one side??
No, don't shut up, Matt! You're just trying to help a no-nothing (me!!). :worthy:

Info, I'm not trying to 'speculate' - just trying to learn. Be gentle with me! :D
It's very noble of you to think like that. There are plenty of people around who are more than willing to carry on talking nonsense (and I'm at the number one spot! :D ).

OK, I'll shut up again, now.:)

P.S. The above comment is aimed at no-one in particular!!! :D
Matt said:
Come on missus info,

Are you asking me? Or 'Infoasitappens'?

If it's me, I've got nothing to tell - just aware of how much crap I talk - but I do try to learn and (I hope) I don't pretend to know more than I do. :D

Again, no-one in specific in mind for the above comment! :dizzy:

Edit: now you've edited your post, all is clear. Ignore my ramblings! :)
They aren’t wings, they can't be as wings are not allowed on class III boats.
Now define a wing, well apparently it is a structure above the deck of the boat over 1.08ft/sq set at less than +or- 60degrees to horizontal that provides lift or stability.( I bet it measures)
The dihedral, which would provide stability in a straight line, is an illusion.
The set back aft of the transom, which would provide ground effect lift like an acranoplane is also an illusion.

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