New Bernico Feline 26

try this one:booty:


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I found a pic in action.


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Danny said:

I've heard this boat is terrible to drive. Only Mr Bernico himself is able to go full throttle.

no mr bernico is not the only one who can drive it hard
:bang: :worthy: :brown:


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The Bernico Cat raced on the French Offshore Championship in Martigues. If ony I could get my hands on the standings...
Don't know about results, but here's information on the series, googled from frog to anglaise!

The Cape of Agde accomodates for the third consecutive year the "Speedboat Championship of France", under the aegis of the Speedboat French Federation, with the support of the Municipal Office of Tourism and the SODEAL. Its objective is to allow any yachtman coming from all France, and having a boat of production or prototype, to initiate themselves with the motonautism of competition and to take part in an official race. The "Speedboat Championship of France", organized by "Offshore oil rig Passion", has the role to develop the speedboat races in France. It counts this year 5 "Great Prices": Saint-Cyr military school (May 28 and 29), Bordeaux (June 25 and 26), the Cape of Agde (August 27 and 28), Curry-the-Wheel (September 10 and 11) and Martigues (1st and October 2). The "Great Price of the Cape of Agde" proceeds in 2 handles, with 4 departures per handle according to categories': Rubber/semi-rigid rubber boats and opens: Tires, semi-rigid and opens been driven by engines of pleasure from 0 to 75 cv, 76 to 150 cv and 151 to 250 cv rubber/semi-rigid Rubber boats and opens sport: Tires, semi-rigid and opens having a configuration compéition from 76 to 150 cv and 151 to 250 cv Offshores 2 liters: Hulls been driven by an engine up to 2 liters of cubic capacity Offshore oil rigs 3 liters: Hulls equipped with an engine up to 3 liters of cubic capacity and with a longuerur minimum of 6 m Offshore oil rigs sport: Hulls from 7 to 10 m equipped with 2 outboard motors or a simple motorization in-edge This Championship is a race where each one on its level, controls amateur or confirmed, can hang an equal pleasure to run together. It is held according to the payment established and validated by the Speedboat French Federation and is registered with the federal calendar of the official races 2005. To take part at this "Great Price of the Cape of Agde", it is necessary to train a crew of two members (1 pilot and 1 copilot), to discharge a registration fee of 100 euro per boat, to be obligatorily ensured near the Speedboat French Federation (either by having an annual licence, or by subscribing 72 hours a promotional licence of temporary pilot), and finally to fit in one of the above mentioned categories of boats. It is the occasion for some control to carry out their first official race and to try out the course of a briefing, the follow-up of the instructions of races, the tests, the departures of handles, the respect of a course... the whole in a sporting spirit without fault. Indeed, if each crew can come to try his chance to reach the podium of his category, it is by having always with the spirit the convivial and fair-play side of the "Championship of France", indispensable condition of its success and its perenniality. And the initiator of this Championship knows what it speaks to know the world of the motonautism perfectly: Champion of France and vice Champion of Europe offshore class III, Laurent PLASSE chaired the offshore oil rig working group within the FFM and is one of the two federal monitors in France. He is an also vice President of Regional Committee Speedboat PACA. It is not either an unknown of the Cape of Agde, since it established and beat the record speed on water to the Balearic Islands at the beginning of the Cape of Agde in 1999 and 2000. Forty crews coming from all France are awaited, which promises a beautiful spectacle on water. In addition to some mixed crews, it should be stressed that a crew 100 % female will be present at the Cape of Agde in the category Offshores 2 liters. So that the spectacle can be followed since the ground, the course is envisaged beyond the band of the 300 meters, to be visible since the beach Richelieu East, Centre side Nautical. The bed, installed in the Center Port on the Harbour Technical Zone, is accessible to the public. The forward programme is as follows: Saturday August 27 9h00 - 11h00 free Tests on given zone 14h00 - 14h30 1st sleeve of race semi-rigid/boats of series from 0 to 150 cv 14h40 - 15h30 1st sleeve of race semi-rigid/boats of series from 151 to 250 cv and semi-rigid sport all 15h40 categories - 16h30 1st sleeve offshore oil rigs 2 and 3 liters 16h40 - 17h30 1st sleeve offshore oil rigs sport Sunday August 28 10h00 - 12h00 free Tests on request 13h30 - 14h00 2nd handle semi-rigid/boats of series from 0 to 150 cv 14h10 - 1500 2nd handle semi-rigid/boats of series from 151 to 250 cv and semi-rigid sport all 15h10 categories - 16h00 2nd handle offshore oil rigs 2 and 3 liters 16h10 - 17h00 2nd handle offshore oil rigs sport 18h00 Given from the prices Photographs: R. Manens/G Ceccaldi