New Design

Looks like one of Manos's many imaginary boats :lol:lol:
sh*t that was quick !!

accidentally posted that ... didn't get time to edit

Garfish said:
Superb, why didn't they give that box to Christopher Reeve !

Has the Garfish had eNglish lAngwage & elekewshun lessuns, or are they breeding?:aaahhh:
I was just thinking the same thing. :confused:

Whasup Garfish?
It looks like a frame-up to me.
Don't go confusing Garfish with The gArfish. Garfish is only gArf-ish :D
Wot are you like nobba? :bang: :wank: :*******:
The gArfish said:
naah sun, i fink tani gray tomsonn wud av bin a beter fitt


Theres a line by dick emery that comes to mind.