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Jun 6, 2004
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Wanting to buy a value for money GPS @ the boat show anyone got any recommendations really only want it for speed readings dashboard mount would be nice.
I got a nice little Garmin GPS 2 for sale, offers around £60.00.

Mind you, I've also got a GPS 3 as well, offers around £100.00. It's the one with major roads and towns in it, stops you getting lost.

Or how about a Colour Streetpilot, with UK Map CD, car power cord and Data link. Cost me £750+ a couple of years ago, open to offers!
How did i know you'd have sommink?

I did by some software for my PDA, but it uses c-map cd's and they're (a) double deer (b) **** and (C) the software is cack!

182c is very good and down in price under 600 quid

but the glass screen has a special coating and has to be cleaned with care . i am having new screen washed it with boat wash and it's bugged £30 quid new one
How much under £600.00 ?
you tell me your in the no

one stand over farside £580 inc vat

g chart £175
How about £550.00 incl delivery and Vat. How do I do it, I'm a registered charity!!!

tony do you no if anyone makes a shade for 182c or where you can get one
Re: Saint Davis

Captain Chaos said:
You'll be regretting that comment next time i call you!

Just ring him up and tell hime you want him to build the hulls for a new race series, he generally does a good deal then.

Tony is it true that you only registered as a charity cos you saw that another Poole based charity was doing rather well?

Tony is the GPS 3 still available please?
Mark Wildey said:
Anyone got a Garmin 276c ?

Whats the Road nav like, speaker quality, building routes etc etc



Road nav is excellent and very up to date. I had a 176C with Metroguide and datacard) but it doesn't auto-reroute. So I got a 276C which does.

Only problem is, it used different map cd, City Select (another £145). Garmin told me that City Select only comes with the automotive kit (£250), which includes fixed and portable mounts. I already had those with the 176C but found a dealer at S'oton Boat Show who sold me just the software.

Route building is pretty good, as is the re-routing.

Waiting for my speaker lead so can't comment on that one.

If you already have mounts and have problems getting the software only, buy an automotive kit for the 60C. This has mounts which you don't need but there's always eBay to sell them on. This kit is only £180! Maybe different in your area.

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