New Look Boatmad?

jackeen's Missus

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Mar 13, 2004
The Pit
Hope we move house OK.
Good luck with that one Boss.
Have we any insurance in case we lose all our valuable posts again?
I'm assuming we will lose the old logo and look of the page.
Bit sad about that but realise no one will take any notice as I'm a bit sad anyway.
It's just that jw and I have seen so much change over time we find it hard to get used to the new ways.

Missus :D
No, nothing will change (I hope)

In fact, you can see the new site/server as it is, without posts or members (not populated yet)

By looking here
In my line of work, one has to "Pitch" for a job, mebbe we should have open "pitching" by candidates to the forum members!

(looking fwd to gArf's) lol

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