May 23, 2004
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Bayliner Bowrider
Force 85
Just bought myself a Bayliner Bowrider, first boat for me and I am now looking for any relative advice to someone who is new to this. Things like launching tips, maps perhaps, anchoring, places to park up, places of interest along the solent, absolutely anything that will help!

Links to sites may also be helpful, I'd like to learn as much as poss so i can relax and enjoy.

Boat will be mainly used in the solent, and maybe the odd trip to the IOW.

Welcome to boatmad.
I'm sure there will be plenty of advice for your chosen cruising area, and usually plenty of offers of cruising in company.

Your website/email domain looks interesting, give us an idea of what you do.

What do I do?....well basically I am unlock mobile phones so that you can use them on any network, I also upgrade the software and do the odd repair.

Thanks for your welcome, I'm picking the boat up Thursday evening from close to Brighton and would like to have a go on Friday.

Checked out a few slip roads local to me (Southampton) and now just need to find out how to get it in the water, I do have a rough idea but little tips are handy (how far in the water should the trailer go etc..)

Also need to find out what the buoys mean etc..

Trying to find this info on-line seems to be difficult, mind you is a fantastic site for finding the old slipways!!.
Welcome 'newbie'..a few of us still in that category:D

A few boats will no doubt go out next weekend & it would be great if you & family could join in...visit some of the usual haunts in the Solent area!!!

Please keep an eye on the 'cruise' thread... :D

If you look through the torkin bollix forum down below (don't be put off by the name!!!) you will find some quality stuff!!!

Oh and maybe some idea of places to go in the Solent:D


(ignore the banter!!!)

If you're really worried about the launch me & my hubby will come along & bring our camera (only jokin...I meant help you out...:D )

I spose once youve launched a few times it all becomes fairly straight forward, i hope....

Trying to decide where to do the first launch from at the mo, somewhere nice n roomy wher emy car wont get
Is there a seaway code so to speak online anywhere?
Saw that book but didnt buy it as i thought i'd find out that and more online, as it is theres not as much info on boats as i thought.

I always look online to find out anything i need to know but boats seem to be a different kettle of fish.
New as in last week i decided i wanted a boat and bought one. I did have a go on a toppa many years ago but didnt go much on it.

Am looking at a course but im a little keen just to have a little ride innit as you are when you just get a new toy.
I have just discovered today that a chap a few doors away has got a small fletcher 14ft i think so will be having a chat with him. Other than that no.
Sizer said:
I have just discovered today that a chap a few doors away has got a small fletcher 14ft i think so will be having a chat with him. Other than that no.

REALLY good idea...

Have you any charts etc.?

I'm getting a bit scared for you reading your posts...

Can't believe you're taking out a new boat having never 'driven' before ... ON YOUR OWN???

Really worried for your safety that's all

Missus:wotzhapni :wotzhapni :wotzhapni

Never driven so to speak, chap who i'm picking it up from said he will run me through a few things, wont be on my own though I'll be with a couple of people although none have any experience.

I'm not planning on going out to sea yet, probably a slow plod up hamble river or something.

But now your making me worry about
Sizer said:

But now your making me worry about

(Good :up: )

It isn't a doddle going upriver neither & they get very cross on the Hamble if you muck things up... (I bin glared at!!!but then I'm stoopid )

Plus you need to check water depths as there are very shallow bits.....

How about calling into the big black & white stripey tower at Warsash (Harbourmaster) for some free advice ...


Sizer ,
congratulations on your new boat I hope it gives you as much pleasure as my first boat did!

Welcome to boat mad. Its a lot of fun here. I expect you'll shortly be hearing from my mentor gArfie who will put you right about all sort of things

re your training if you can't afford a course then buy a book by Peter White called Powerboating. It gives good concise detail and easy to understand illustrations.

Good luck wit your boating

Cheers mate, ill get the book, so can anyone recommend the best place to have a first little run on Friday?

Perhaps warsah so i can pop into the tower......
Or Lee on Solent, somewhere relatively trouble free and easy so i can have a little go in my new toy without upsetting anyone or breaking it.

Can anyone recommend a chart too, saw loads down the chandlers, will want to eventually go to hamble river, suthampton water, solent, bournmouth, isle of wight....

Thanks for all the help peeps.
good luck with ur new boat i know how u must feel i just brought my first boat but i need to rebuild it first. i wont be quite as nervuos as u my dad has a boat and i'v been out on that! but ne how when you get more experienced, visit guernsey people have said its nice to go around! i live there and i agree. any way good luck and have fun!

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