Nos on a outboard?

Yeah, it was quite common a few years back, at least it was at Windermere week!
Do they like the gas? Its just as i have a kit gathering dust and was thinking about fitting it to my new engine prob would never use it but it would look the business
Im not sure to be exact but hutchy says it should be close to the 300hp mark way fast enougth for me
Do some homework
it would look wicked with twin vent valves one each side the outboard.. pulling into dock and stream out all the excess nos pressure like the funny cars do out their wings and bonnets..

ive heard you can't use nos on a 2 stroke engine is that true?
Matt said:
No, you can even buy complete kits to fit OB's, burty had one, though I don't think he ever fitted it.

Yup i did bought it from the states but was too scared to fit it. 150 shot. swapped it with Rob (OCRDA) on this forum
Burty, was it a nitrox system?
Taz, what kit is it, is it an actual NOS kit? Got any pics of it or any more info, did you use this on an outboard? How complete is it?

Thanks, Alan
Its a wizard of nos kit a wet kit two solonoids bottle tubing and fogger nozzle if you have efi its as simple as drilling a hole in the inlet manifold and it has a 75 jet
No, my engine is carbs?
Anyone ever rigged nos on an outboard carb intake?
You could have jets for each carb with a plate as long as the nos and fuel gets to each carb it will be fine