OCRDA Aqua Adrenaline Tour 2022 – Season Report

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Sep 6, 2011
The final race weekend of the UK based OCRDA Aqua Adrenaline Tour Championship was held at Cardiff Bay recently, and the final Championship positions have now been calculated. It has been another exciting season of close racing in this 7 event series that has continued to grow in popularity, and takes competitors all over the UK. Each race weekend consisting of four races – only two race’s were cancelled – one in Teignmouth when a marker buoy was lost and one in Dunoon due to the adverse weather. The season got underway in Torquay in late April, and finished with the Cardiff event in early October. There were entries for every event in all four classes – Formula Sport, F1, F2 and F3 – with each event attracting a fleet of over 20 boats.

Alongside the boats, as part of the Aqua Adrenaline Tour, there was also a race series for jet ski’s - this Championship has also been very well supported, with competitor’s racing in three classes.

The Formula Sport Class attracted the fewest entries, and the Championship was clinched by TQ One – John Watson and Josef Watson.

In Formula 1, there was a very close battle between last year’s runners up, Craig Temple-Murray / Paul Scott in ABM Precast Solutions, and Chris Brown / Peter Snell in Chris Brown Racing. Craig and Paul started the season in a new boat, moving away from a stepped hull to improve their cornering ability. Chris Brown returned to racing in 2022 after taking a couple of years away from the sport. Their battle went to the wire in Cardiff, and although Chris and Peter won all four races, it was Craig and Paul going one better than in 2021, and lifting the title. Third place went to Richard Mason / Darren Douthwaite in Aqua Blast. Their season did not get off to the best of starts at Torquay, only scoring in one race. However, from then on, consistent 3rd and 4th place finishes in the other races ensured a satisfactory end to their season.

In Formula 2, there was another intense battle at the top. Honours eventually went to Rob Hingston / Colin Hingston in JD Racing, beating last year’s Champions, Andy Childs / Mark Hayward – Fatboy Twin – who finished runners up. Third place went to Ben Brown / Andrew Jenvey – Thurston.

Formula 3 attracted immense interest from new competitors keen to try offshore circuit racing. And what a great season those new racers had! The F3 title was lifted by the experienced pairing of Steve Cox / Harrie Shortman – Lions – who were unbeatable all season. However, for the next two positions, it was a “battle of the newbies”. Runners up were Darren Smith / Jemma Horwood – Pussy Riot – with Simon Tyler paired with the very experienced Alix Hopkins-Hayward – Hash Tag – finishing third.

There was also a Nations Cup Championship based on the events held at Caernarfon (Wales - 4 races), West Bay (England - 4 races) and Dunoon (Scotland - 3 races).

In the jet ski’s it was an incredible debut season for Ellis Lockyer in Class J1. He won all four races at the season opener in Torquay – his very first event. This set a trend that he continued for the whole season. In Class J2 it was last years 200 Class Champion, Charles Mcilwraith, taking Championship honours again.

The OCRDA Championship, founded by “Paddy” Eddie Reilly in the mid 1980’s, is in very good health under the leadership of President Bob McCarthy and Chairman and Race Manager Steve Oaten. They are supported by a large number of enthusiastic volunteers who all work very hard to ensure that the race series goes from strength to strength.

A provisional seven race 2023 calendar has already been published, with a couple of venues yet to be confirmed. For further information, please visit the OCRDA web site www.ocrda.com and Facebook page.

To view a photo montage of this year's competitors, please visit these YouTube links:
Powerboats: https://youtu.be/7Yu841fzlJc
Jet Ski's: https://youtu.be/XYpRMWoCyHg

OCRDA Aqua Adrenaline 2022 – Championship – final positions

OCR Formula Sport

1 TQ One (22) – John Watson & Josef Watson 3980 pts

OCR Formula 1

1 ABM Precast Solutions (55) – Craig Temple-Murray & Paul Scott 8079 pts

2 Chris Brown Racing (34) – Chris Brown & Peter Snell 7940 pts

3 Aqua Blast (29) – Richard Mason & Darren Douthwaite 7332 pts

OCR Formula 2

1 JD Racing (666) – Rob Hingston & Colin Hingston 7965 pts

2 Fat Boy Twin (97) – Andy Childs & Mark Hayward 7860 pts

3 Thurston (47) – Ben Brown & Andrew Jenvey 7812 pts

OCR Formula 3

1 The Lions (10) – Steve Cox & Harrie Shortman 8399 pts

2 Pussy Riot (3) – Darren Smith & Jemma Horwood 7773 pts

3 Hash Tag (41) – Simon Tyler & Alix Hopkins-Hayward 7626 pts

Jet Ski


1 Ellis Lockyer (13) 8679 pts

2 Robert Peters (78) 6200 pts

3 Rob Mcrae (4) 4960 pts


1 Charles Mcilwraith (420) 8126 pts

2 Phil Howarth (462) 8079 pts

3 Charlie Wilde (96) 6320 pts


1 Dean Mayze (79) 800 pts

Contested 1 race at West Bay and 1 race at Cardiff

Nations Cup

Based on the results from Caernarfon (4 races), West Bay (4 races) and Dunoon (3 races)

OCR Nations Cup Formula 1

1 ABM Precast Solutions (55) – Craig Temple-Murray & Paul Scott 4659 pts

2 Aqua Blast (29) – Richard Mason & Darren Douthwaite 4112 pts

3 Smokey & The Bandit 2 (19) – Jeremy Gibson & Malachy Browne 3879 pts

OCR Nations Cup Formula 2

1 Fat Boy Twin (97) – Andy Childs & Mark Hayward 4440 pts

2 Enforcer (922) – Nick Newsam & Michelle Murray 4332 pts

3 JD Racing (666) – Rob Hingston & Colin Hingston 4045 pts

OCR Nations Cup Formula 3

1 The Lions (10) – Steve Cox & Harrie Shortman 4799 pts

2 Pussy Riot (3) – Darren Smith & Jemma Horwood 4433 pts

3 Hash Tag (41) – Simon Tyler & Alix Hopkins-Hayward 4226 pts

Jet Ski

OCJSR Nations Cup J1

1 Ellis Lockyer (13) 4599 pts

2 Rob Mcrae (4) 3080 pts

3 Robert Peters (78) 2680 pts

OCJSR Nations Cup J2

1 Phil Howarth (462) 4279 pts

2 Charles Mcilwraith (420) 3986 pts

3 Jack Burke (19) 3120 pts

Willy Willcock Tenacity Award

Jam First (11) – Justin Copeland & Josh Lovelock

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