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Mar 12, 2004
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Whats the sequence of caps that I need to losen, remove etc when topping up the engine oil. I went out in the sound yesterday and after about 1/2hr the low pressure bleepers starts singing to me (when my foot was to the floor). I put a couple of ltrs in the main oil tank under the seat but now the bleepers is constantly sounding. How do I go about stopping this? Is it a case of running the engine until the pressure builds up again? Thanks :brown:
have you got oil in your header tank on engine this should always be full the main tank feeds this
Yeh, I got oil in the header. And I have I have topped up the feeder tank, since I done this the bleeper does not stop. Thanks
i don`t really no to much did you run it dry if so you must bleed oil pump but if your header is full and the main tank is pressurised bleed it anyway when engine is running if oil flows through then the system should be working ok and would say it is an electrical problem but don`t take my word for it oil is a pretty important thing try pm some of the outboard guys
Matt said:
stick 50:1 premixed petrol in the tank until you have it solved.

dis iz a fkin gud eydea butt itts probubly too lait ifn heez bin revvin de nakkers of ov itt.

de fillter inn de oyl flo sennser iz probubly cloggid upp. an taik de fkin heeder tannk offf an cleen itt an strayn de oyl throo yorr mississ stokkins. der wil probubly bee lummps ov bloo snott inn itt.

an downt fergett too blead de fkker wen yoov finisht

Thanks for your responces. I had not reved the bits of it and neither tank had run dry. Infact I was a little surprised to hear it as even the feeder tank probably had a couple of ltrs in it. Some one advised me today to run the engine with the top cap slightly loose until the oil overflowed then quickly do it up and after about 5 minutes the bleeper would go off, hence I`ve tried this tonight and still no joy. If I put 50:1 in with the fuel can I disconnect the bleeper as its a bloody horrible noise? If so which and where is the conection plug? Sods law that just as the weather brightens up the bloody thing gets rooted to my garden!!! :angry:
I`m fixed up!!!
Thank you to all those who offered advise, you know who you are. Turned out it was a faulty module.
Should be a bit quicker now as well, due to the fact my wallet is now less than empty!
Thanks again.

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