OMC big block wanted

John (jfk)

Jun 21, 2004
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Just For Kicks
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Wellcraft 220xl (antique version)
Mercruiser 5.7
Hi all,

By any chance has anyone got a big block OMC motor for sale hopfully cheap but a reliable runner.


Ford or GM? (460ci or 454/502ci)
Hi jon,
I am not sure and will have to have a look.
Stupid question how do I tell by just looking.
Its for an American boat called a Slickcraft with a volvo leg.
Any info would be appreciated.
With the Ford, the dizzy is at ther front, GM's have it at the rear.

Confused of Shepperton??:confused:

You say 'big block OMC, then you say it's to go on a Volvo leg, is it a very late volvo (after the tie-up) or was this a typo?
Its a friends boat which he purchased with his eyes shut.
When he got it, it had a volvo 290 duo prop leg which he believes was the original set up. The leg then proceeded to go pop and he got a replacement 280 volvo leg, dont ask me why, he then put it all back together including new transom assy. Now the engines gone pop pop stop. This boat is turning into a real bargin.
Anyway I will have a look at first oppurtunity to try to identify more clearly.
Me mate has now decided to look at the option of replacing the OMC with a oil burner any suggestions as to a reasonable set up with out spending a fortune, he is not to worried about breaking any speed records and has anyone got anything they may be prepared to part with for a few bob. Any help and advice would be appreciated.
Yeah! I gotta a real sweet Volvo 100B engine that you need..... not great performance, but real heavy....:drain:


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Matt said:
A new (remanufactured) chevy big block long motor from keypart is only 2100+VAT. Used motors turn up in boats and outboards from time to time for 500 quid or so. If the existing engine is a chevy, it's difficult to see how it could be fixed for less money than that.

Shape up Mr DR, he wants a real motor, can't you read?
Matt said:
I wager that he changes his mind back again once he sees how much it'll cost to do properly.

I don't doubt that for a minute!

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