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Mar 16, 2004
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I pair of Viper 14 1/2 * 23 props.

Re worked to 24" pitch as a pair.

Blades thinned.

I would keep them for messing about with ringo's and donughts but as I have shafts to take the mercury racing hub pattern now they are of no use to me.
matt matt matt.......dont beat around the bush......ask the much faster will the rumble go with them on:bolt:
Matt said:
What are they like compared to mirages?

I have no idea, it would be interesting to find out just what they are like. Sadly I have never got around to trying them.

I snapped prop shafts early in both of the last two seasons. The first one an incomplete weld failing altoghether. Which I probably aggravated with poor driving. The second, was a material flaw in the foundry process.

Now, the new shaft and spline pattern have ruled out trying them altogether.

Worst case, they must have been tolerable as a design?

I dont think Tony would have bothered thinning and repitching otherwise.
Matt said:
Can't you get them re-hubbed to fit, or is it a case of can't be arsed faffing around?

waste of money and time really.

wouldnt mind tryin them but 26p fourblades turning up, either i extend the pitch and thin them, if i ever get the heads on. or leave alone and by 28's.

right now try the 26p's and see

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