Our RB Observations

It was a pleasure to work with Ocke on the set up of the B28. As a race boat fan it was also great to see how well the Goldfish performed also.
The hull is 34 ft and quite wide-almost 10 ft.
Vilda is heavy with 5000 kg w/o fuel.

To bad there wasn't a day with following sea and 10-15 ft waves during the race. She really shine in those conditions:seaman:



Your correct, that it is quite wide, as it nearly got stuck when it went over the Seven Bridge!:aaahhh:

Congratulations on your superb performance


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"One of the things" I had to do before the race was to design the scrutineering stickers.

Tim Powell sent me through in the post a "sticker" that had been used in the 1995 Cowes Race.

I then scanned it, and changed it for the RB race.

TP wanted each "port of call", on the "stickers" that were given out.

I complied.

Took me a long time to do, but when I see this picture, I think Tim had a good point.