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Jul 1, 2004
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extreme 24
8.2 volvo
looking for a new boat maybe next year spoke to proggresion in
america they reckon there 24 with 365hp inboard top speed 75mph but a 225hp outboard top speed of 72mph can this be right and why if someone could enlighten me
looking for 22-26 with cuddy that will still do 65+ my missus is not to keen on the phantom
there price all in with trailer was $59000 not bad given the present exchange rate

Yep they sure look lovely boats, I like the 21 (along with the superboat 21 n'all)

you could probably have something much cheaper, customerised to year needs/ wants with either in/outboard built in the UK.

I know what i'd do!

oh, i did!
There is a nice regal 26 foot in the classifieds that will do 57-59 mph no problem. Like new and its a cuddy.:facelick:
According to GPS and running along side on my jetski.
Bloody lovely boat. it really is.
not to keen on the regals would like a revenger 25 but are very rare but cant decide outboard inboard hopeing to find something with a blown engine to rebuild or replace with new
or maybe have something built new but dont think will have the budget for that
formula nice but bit old
dont get me wrong i love the formula`s but i dont think they look right that short need to be 27 at least but i want something that is still trailable with one engine and most important quick with cuddy
not cheap to buy though £45000 second hand how much new
allright captain hows the phantom going my engine has blown 2 pistons
are you running a standard 200
i noticed you were running a 21 prop where as i have a 23 which is over reving don`t make sense what sort of mph are you doing

I havnt even got the phantom together yet...............and in all honesty completely forgot to reply to your PM!!! scincerest appologies for that!

21P was a guesstimate.

Havin spoken at some length to Nick Barsch (something of a conesseur of Phantoms) he reckons 60MPH +/- 2mph is achieveble with the bog standard 200 that i intend to put on it.
the problem i have is when i bought the boat did not realy know what the engine was bloke told me it was a 2.5l 200 it has a xr2 cowling with a 23"prop doing 68mph but is reving past 6000rpm my rev counter only revs to 6000rpm but is going past that hence blowing 2 pistons
i have been told with 23" should rev about 5500rpm-5800rpm and do around 60mph the bloke who is fixing it says the head is a 1998 xr6 200 having rebore on all 6 with all new pistons and rings so was going to try a 25" if anyone knows about such things would be appreciated or captain how to get in touch with nick
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could not open your thread but am tending to agree about outboards for power to weight ratio but seem to be very tempremental and this is the second one i have had to have rebuild

Bert, it's a video of some progressions, intimidator and superboat.

Right click and choose 'save target as' but it should just open if you left click it! You will need windows media player. http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/9series/player.aspx

I do agree, outboards can get tempremental but a new one shouldn't if its looked after. And in the event you do have to rebuild it, I know which one I would prefer to pull.
brilliant clip i do realy like them 24 with 300 promax 85mph £33000 not bad either but haven`t realy got that much cash but missus is pregnant and wants a cuddy over the next couple of years taking some money off the morgage plus my boat but not that much like the extreme but all seem to be inboard and cant afford new one

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